Wii hits 2 million units sold Down Under

Nintendo's home console knocks off DS from top spot to set new sales record in Australia.


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Despite Nintendo's recent profit drops and industry talk of the Wii's flagging momentum, it's hard to ignore the impact that the console has had on the global games industry since its launch in December 2006. The proof is in the numbers: earlier this year, Nintendo announced that the Wii has attained global lifetime sales of 75.9 million units, with an install base of 10.8 million units in Japan, 35.9 million in the USA, and 29.2 million in other territories.

2 million Wiis sold in Australia.
2 million Wiis sold in Australia.

Now, aided by a recent price drop in April this year, Nintendo Australia has sold 2 million Wiis Down Under. According to the publisher, which collected the sales data from retail partner reporting, this milestone was achieved in 47 months, a new record that establishes the Wii as the fastest-selling home console in Australia. This title was previously held by the publisher's handheld console--the Nintendo DS--which, according to Nintendo, sold 2 million units in Australia in 52 months.

The Wii is available in Australia in black and white colours for a suggested retail price of AU$299.95, and it includes a copy of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, as well as a Wii Remote Plus controller and a Nunchuk controller.

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