Wii gets 'Hottest' DDR yet

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party to use dance mat and Wii Remote together, will allow four-player dancing.

Staying Alive meets Super Fly?
Staying Alive meets Super Fly?

When Dance Dance Revolution first arrived in the United States, it won critical acclaim and an audience that stretched beyond the traditional gamer market due in part to its unique dance-pad controller. When the Wii launched in the US last November, it was received with similar praise and enthusiasm from nontraditional gamers for its unique Wii Remote controller.

Konami today created an intersection between those two stories with the announcement of Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party for the Wii. Using a traditional DDR dance pad in conjunction with the Wii Remote, DDR Hottest Party requires players to match controller movements with the remote and Nunchuk attachment, as well as dance steps. The game will also support up to four players in multiple game modes and minigames.

In addition to the series' free play and workout modes, Hottest Party will challenge players to dance in synch with one another, as well as offer a new support mode and an updated battle mode. The game will also sport a new soundtrack with songs pulled from the last four decades of popular music.

Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party is slated for a 2007 release. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's first impressions.

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