Wii, DS, PC Bob Ross game dries up?

Source: Play-Nintendo.com, citing the game's Yahoo Group's Web page. The official story: See below. What we heard: In April, gamers were pleasantly surprised when news broke that a Nintendo DS, Wii, and PC game based on the PBS art show The Joy of Painting was in the works. The show, which ran in...


Source: Play-Nintendo.com, citing the game's Yahoo Group's Web page.

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The official story: See below.

What we heard: In April, gamers were pleasantly surprised when news broke that a Nintendo DS, Wii, and PC game based on the PBS art show The Joy of Painting was in the works. The show, which ran in the 1980s and early 1990s, was hosted by the late Bob Ross, who painted landscapes with "happy little trees" and "happy little clouds." Ross became a cult hero not only for his artistic abilities, but also for his soothing voice, brown afro, and amicable demeanor.

Little was known about the games except that they were scheduled to be developed by AGFRAG Entertainment Group, a small studio largely concentrating on PC flash games.

Unfortunately, the trees, mountains, and clouds won't be happy to hear that the game is currently in limbo. On the Bob Ross Game Yahoo Group, which the developers used to keep gamers up to date on the project, the following message was posted:

"AGFRAG is no longer involved in the development of ANY Bob Ross Game. Please contact Bob Ross Inc. for further information. Thank You." (emphasis in original.)

GameSpot contacted Joseph Hatcher, head of AGFRAG to confirm the message. Hatcher reiterated the previous statement, saying, "We will not be developing the game on any platform." Citing legal reasons, Hatcher was unable to give details of his company's decision. However, he did leave the door open for the game to live on. "We are not saying it is canceled in anyway," he told GameSpot.

Following his conversation with GameSpot, Hatcher updated the AGFRAG Web site with the following message:

"I'm sorry that we have disappointed so many people on a certain project. Please realize we did what we felt was best, with the cards that were dealt to us and the situation we were in. We have learned from the experience and we won't make the same mistakes twice. The companies we dealt with were
professional in every way and we enjoyed working with them while we did and appreciated the opportunities they presented to us. You won't hear anything about our next game until it's almost on shelves."

While it is possible that another developer may hop onboard, Bob Ross Inc. would be hard pressed to find another taker for what looks to be merely a cult project.

Bob Ross Inc. did not have any news of the game posted on its Web site as of today. Requests for comment from Bob Ross Inc. were unanswered as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Unlike Bob's tranquil landscapes, the picture does not look good. Not bogus.

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I don't know If it is a lie, but in the wikipedia says that, it is real, also it has a article yet.

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This is horrible.. Think of the happy trees?!! They won't be happy anymore.. and we won't have any puffy white clouds.

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It looked like a good game :(

Avatar image for _Sam_

I didn't even realize that they were planning on making this game

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That was a good show.

Avatar image for helluvagood

o well, i wouldnt have played it anyways

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Only a man as well liked as Bob Ross could get this many people up in arms about his game being cancelled. I really wanted to get this. :(

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this sucks. :( Bob is my hero. Wii even did a skit in HS involving him. Aaarrrggg!!11

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I learned a lot from Bob Ross,He's inspiring...I want to paint happy little cottage by the creek with Mustang horses...meanwhile I'll buy the Bob Ross dvd collection.

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Perhaps nintendo themselves would finish the game as a showpiece for wii and ds....if they don't there's always mario paint ds and wii to look foward to. Sad little trees indeed. EAD finish the game.

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Hey crithon. You can do all that on Tony Hawk Downhill Jam or Sk8land. I know a lot of people who don't play the game, they just use it for its extensive art community. Uploading art to the internets on it is a piece of cake.

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Talk about the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to get my WIFE interested in Nintendo DS!! I guarantee that she would BUY this game for herself. She LOVES this guys show. Please dont let it go away. make it happen someone. then I wont catch so much crap for spending money on DS games!!

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NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would have been an AWESOM-OOO game!!!!!!!!!!

Avatar image for sumarr

Aw man now i'm not getting a Wii. This really isn't surprising. How many mountianous forests can you paint really!

Avatar image for xs101uk

NOOOOOO!!! Won't someone think about the "Happy Little Trees"!? O_o

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NOOO! this is terrible. I was looking forward to that title more than just about everything else on the Wii (short of MP3), Somebody has to pick this up... I'm demanding now go supply and make yourself some well earned money.

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wow I'm shocked about all these peoples comments, I thought that people would be sarcastic and stuff. I guess people really like his stuff.

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If they cancel this game I will request Uwe Boll to make a movie instead, I'll do it...I swear I will!!!!

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News update: www.gonintendo.com A couple days back in the history theres a story saying the President of Bob Ross Inc or so said they were getting a more capable team realizing now the demand for this game. :-D

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we have to wait this game, we can not say nooo when we do not know if it will be good.

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yes! there is a god!

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So much for getting drunk and painting happy trees and other happy things.............

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That's really too bad! That would have been a great game!

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my trees are so sad now

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Well, I guess I'm selling my Wii then...just kidding. This might have been somewhat cool though, like a much more advanced mario paint.

Avatar image for joecrow_24

who cares?

Avatar image for soupboy76

At least the Richard Simmons game is still on track.

Avatar image for maverickexe

lol, I can't believe they are even making a game from the tv show! I have'nt seen that show in so long now, lol. I wonder how this would turn out if it really does get released

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this is just a rumor.

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BAHAHAH! like this guy needs a game!....and for PC get real man! its just going to suck...period...wow a game for your grandmother!..FUN!!!!....*cues nuke*

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Bob Ross was awesome. I loved to watch just waiting to see if he'd on day snap on air. Maybe start having a nam' flashback in the middle of drawing a bush, with a "happy little charlie in the tree line". It is a shame, that more don't know of him.

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I want this game to come out.

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Man I really want to paint so bad and make the most Happy Trees ever. Now ill never get the chance....

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Thats a shame.

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Aw. Those are some sad trees now.

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Man, that's like Mario Paint for the new generation... I want to make happy trees.

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this sucks... sounds like the quality must have been REALLY bad. i miss mario paint

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That's Awful. Bob Ross was amazing. He could paint a masterpiece landscape in just 30 minutes. I even made a Mii of him. I hope someone else will pick it up.

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That is a shame, i was looking foward to a nice change of pace, cheerful game.

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Bob, say it ain't so!!!!!!!!!!!! NO HAPPY TREES!!!!!!?????!!!!!!

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screw this painting game! Just Make OKAMI for the Wii!!! DO YOU HEAR ME NINTENDO AND CAPCOM?!?!?!?!??!.. naw they probably won't

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who the heck is bob ross

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NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanted to buy this.

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Bob Ross was freaking amazing, I hope a game does get released it would honor his memory.

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NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo I was really loking forward to this as it would have been jsut a really fun game. Like the second coming of Mario Paint.

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I'm an artist and hearing that this game was cancelled, how will I show expression to my work virtually just like how Bob Ross creates "happy little trees"? Let's hope Nintendo will make a new Mario Paint game (crossing fingers) using the Wii-mote (and hopefully the SNES Mario Paint will come to the VC.) That way I can create happy little trees "Mario Style."

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That's not cool. That game would have been a perfect fit for the Wii and DS's unique gameplay.