Wii drops price in Australia

Nintendo console falls from A$399.95 ($366) to A$299.95 Down Under; 1.79 million Wiis sold since Aussie launch.


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Cheaper Wiis for Aussies.
Cheaper Wiis for Aussies.

Gamers in the US have long enjoyed a lower-cost Wii than consumers in Australia, with Nintendo cutting the price of its home console to $199.99 from $249.99 way back in September 2009. It now seems that Australia will be the next market to receive a reduction, with confirmation today that the Wii's price will drop by A$100 and will now retail for A$299.95 ($275).

The price cut will take effect from April 29, 2010, and is the first time the cost of the Wii has been slashed in Australia. The console launched Down Under in December 2006 and retailed for A$399.95. New Zealanders will also get a cut from tomorrow, with Nintendo's console dropping to NZ$399.95 ($285).

The price may have changed, but the contents of the Wii box in Australia remain the same and include a copy of Wii Sports. What is relatively new, however, is color availability, with Wiis now available in white or black.

The Wii is the last console to drop its price Down Under. Sony reduced the asking price for the PlayStation 3 with the introduction of the Slim model in September last year, with the console retailing for A$499.95. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has received several price drops in recent years--the 120GB Elite now retails for A$449, while the Arcade is A$299.

Nintendo also updated its Wii sales figures for Australia, stating that the console has now sold 1.79 million units Down Under. That figure puts the Wii at almost double the market penetration of the Xbox 360, which has sold 1 million units across Australia and New Zealand, and well ahead of the PS3, which has sold 770,000 units in Australia so far.

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