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Wii browser gets full version

Final edition of Opera's Internet Channel offers more functions; available for free from the Wii Store Channel through June 30.


Wii disc drives glowed an eerily pulsating blue overnight to inform users that a new download was available, as Opera's Wii Web browser graduated from beta to final version. The new version of the browser includes a handful of fresh features and tweaks to existing options aimed at improving users' Web-surfing experiences.

New features include a built-in search function that can be configured to utilize the user's search engine of choice, and a revised scrolling function that lets users "click-and-drag" with the Wii Remote in order to see different sections of a Web page. Nintendo is also touting the browser's faster start-up time, improved ability to keep text legible when zooming in or out, and the ability to hide the toolbar, giving users more space for their Web pages.

The final version of the Wii browser will be a free download through June 30. After that time, it will cost new users 500 Wii Points ($5) to get the program.

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