Wii browser free for now

Opera says its Web-surfing program will be free for owners of Nintendo's next-gen system until June 2007; sold on the Wii Shop Channel after that.


We knew the Wii would surf the World Wide Web. What we weren't aware of was whether or not we would have to pay for the privilege, and if so, how much of a wallop our wallets would sustain for the Web browser.

Opera Software, the makers of the Wii's Web-surfing software, cleared that situation up a bit today with news that its browser for the system would be free for a limited time. Gamers will be able to download the Opera browser from the Wii Shop Channel free of charge until June 2007, the company announced today.

After June 2007, the browser will be available to download for an undetermined number of Wii points, the virtual currency of the Wii Shop Channel.

The browser will support Flash and AJAX-based content, and while it will be customized for Nintendo's next-gen system, Opera promises it will have "the same complete standards support as the Opera 9 Desktop browser," with functions including bookmarks and zoom. The browser will also be designed to work specifically with the motion-sensing Wii controllers.

Opera has some experience designing a browser around Nintendo's unconventional hardware. It also created the DS browser, which integrates the stylus and touch-screen functionality into a traditional Web browser viewed across both of the system's screens. The DS browser was released earlier this year in Japan for 3,800 yen (about $32), and is scheduled to launch in Europe October 6. No US release plans for the software have been announced yet.

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Im guessing Nintendo pay Opera a large lump sum, that or they paid them a one off to build the browser, and Nintendo actually makes the profit. Either way, i aint paying :D so i dont care.

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The wii shop channel and the wii browser are seperate. If they were the same then people who buy a wii after june will not be able to download games which would stink.

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so if u get a wii before June 2007 you will never have to pay?

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Anyways, that sounds great... 'cept... how the heck is this profitable for Opera? Unless Nintendo paid them a lump sum to do the limited-time free release... Opera is a great browser, but a company's gotta make money too. Otherwise, they go out of business and poof.

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So when did the ds get a web browser?

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probably need the web browser so you could go to the wii online store and buy the virtual downloadable games. other than that i don't see the point. is it going to cost money to use after june, or just cost money for ppl to get the browser?

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@ waffle79 finally sum1 saying what im thinking that sounds cool i would love get the wii b4 june i probablly will and ill use the internet to death but i dont need a dvd would b better but w/e still cool but im not really gonna use it aybe 4 videos though my computer is fine unless sum1 on it lol

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What Nintendo Warrior said, I don't need a web browser. A DVD would be nice, but I don't need a web browser, I mean, hello. I'm on gamespot right now, to be here you need a comuter and internet. Game companies are putting too many things into their consoes. DVD's, CD's, what about games? That's really the only thing I care about. If it has games, sure. I don't care about the rest.

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y would we need a web browser?

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They could of let one year at least but will keep hoping for more :)

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Hay i live in australia u people from the us get it in Novemember i get it in December. I use the internet every day .

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cant prorder at the gamestore oh welll well ima get a wii te day it comes out and the flash supported web browser just helped me decide that woot nintendo

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free for now, wtf.. they are gonna charge for a browser? that too, for opera?? LMAO

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im happy happy happy, and there isn't a catch i doubt, its probably to make you buy a wii before june

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i thought they were going to charge... they said that already.

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good u can watch movies. this will kick major arse

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sweet!!! yet another reason to get a Wii ASAP!!!

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there has to be a catch somewhere

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I hope that it comes out before Christmas 2006, or I will be so mad!

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Hopefully this doesn't imply that after 6 months, they'll also start to charge a fee for using the browser. Not gonna get it anyway, 'cos it won't surpass the PC experience.

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AWESOME. It's really silly that it's only free for a limited time. Free first, $ later is a stupid idea. But I intend to get this immediately. Sure, it's not going to replace my computer, but it's a handy idea nonetheless.

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"SephirothSyZtem Thank you nintendo. I was truly freaking out at the $60 controller tag. Now i can pass it off as i spent the money on a web browser." $60 isn't that far out there if you consider the 360 controller costs $49.99. Is $10 really THAT much differance when it comes to the gaming industry?

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Nice :)

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The DS browser has been out in the UK for a while... I saw it in GAME weeks ago, and GAME and Gamestation yesterday...

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nintendo could give away goldeneye 007 with the wii and ppl will moan its not halo . i prefer goldeneye over halo thank you very much and wii will have large capacity sd cards available s o it solves the problem

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sojd wii is compatible with sd cards just like psp so it 2 has 4 gb etc etc what ever they made that is a sd card wii is compatible with it your acting like wii cant do this and i disagree with any illiterate comment you have made so far oh" the psp is 4 gb" last time i checked psp has no embedded memory and its got a browser that is slow as heck

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that's great

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that's sweet

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Oh man i can't wait!! me+wii browser=no fighting with my brat younger sisters for the computer!!

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Great!!! I am just hoping and wishing i can get my wii before June 2007, but it looks like 50/50 chance

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Im just waiting for a wii-jee board game LOL It would be flipping sweet. You get 4 players with 4 remotes, and the vibrations and the sound of the remotes would make it a really surreal experience! Man, maybe someone will steal my idea (shut up grimbee, you complete idiot! how you gonna get rich now huh?!) Seriously though, cant wait for something like that!

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NICE!!!!!! Thanks Nintendo and Opera!

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All hail WII!

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32 dolars?!! OMG I WAS EXPECTING 70 some!!!

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That's good.

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Yay! free web! I wasn't gonna get it but now I am!!! Yay footnote... I don't care when people abreviate as long as I can understand it.

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In a nutshell, my TV is better than my laptop, and I don't want to move my desktop in the living room just to stream HD game trailers off the web. If the Opera browser will let me do that from the Wii, I'm all for it. Not a system selling reason, but it works for me. BTW, I don't care when people use the letter "U" instead of the actual word. If I was that anal, I'd never be to make it through half the forums or comments I look at on this site.

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keyboard/mouse support for Wii would be great! has there been any announcement about online multiplayer yet?

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"rarson "Am I the only one who hates it when people abbreviate "you" with "u"?" No, I can't stand it either." Ditto...

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Even better.

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I know the wii has a set of usb ports so I guess it is possible that we might be able to hook up a keyboard and a mouse.

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i'd rather browse on my ds...you know, portable browsin' of the interwebs

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I wouldn't want to browse on my crappy TV anyway. My monitor has a much higher resolution.