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Wii 2 controller sports 6.2-inch touch screen?

Nintendo's as-yet-unannounced new console rumored to also feature input device with eight buttons, two analog sticks, and one camera.

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Source: Consumer gaming blog Kotaku.

What we heard: With less than two months to go before the gaming industry convenes in Los Angeles for the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo, the Internet has been hemorrhaging Wii 2 rumors. One of those rumors concerned itself with the Wii 2's controller, which French gaming site 01net claimed would resemble an iPad.

Lending further credence to that rumor, Kotaku reports today that it has been informed by several sources that the Wii 2--which is possibly code-named Project Cafe--will indeed resemble a tablet device. According to the site, the controller will feature two analog sticks, eight buttons, and a camera.

Nintendo's new console might sync up to a tablet controller.
Nintendo's new console might sync up to a tablet controller.

To the tablet tale, the device will reportedly feature a touch screen that measures 6.2 inches diagonally. As a point of comparison, Nintendo's DSi XL features a 4.2 inch touch screen, while the regular DS Lite's screen measures 3 inches of diagonal viewing area and the iPad's is 9.7 inches. The screen will reportedly receive data wirelessly, the content of which is open for developers to decide.

However, it would appear as if the tablet device won't be the Wii 2's only method of input. According to Kotaku, the Wii 2 will also support motion controllers akin to those of the Wii. In fact, the website's sources indicate that motion-controller gaming will remain a core emphasis with the new console.

The official story: "Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation."--A Nintendo of America representative.

Bogus or not bogus: Looking not bogus that Nintendo will once again be innovating in the controller department for its newest console. However, gamers aren't likely to get reliable particulars until the publisher announces the device.

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