Wii 2 controller incorporating camera?

British reports have upcoming console's controller equipped with a front-facing camera; 3DS may be able to be used as substitute for the device.

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Source: UK game-industry magazine Develop.

What we heard: Two days after footage of the Wii successor reportedly leaked, the rumors keep on coming. The latest has the controller being equipped with a front-facing camera that can "be used for in-game images." Presumably, this functionality would work similarly to the DSi and 3DS's front-facing camera, which allows players to snap pictures of themselves for certain games.

Will the Wii 2's controller be watching players?
Will the Wii 2's controller be watching players?

Indeed, Develop's source said that the new Wii's controller functions so much like a 3DS that the handheld may be able to be used as a substitute. "The functions are the same," the source said. "It is a standard wireless controller added with a front-facing camera and touch screen. That sounds far too much like a 3DS to me. But I can't confirm this; Nintendo is being very cautious about the details."

The source could confirm rumors that the Wii 2's controller does have a 6-inch touch screen in between a standard button layout. The source also said that the controller may have a stylus, making it even more like the DS.

The official story: US Nintendo reps declined to comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Given the reported similarity of the Wii 2's controller and a DSi or 3DS, the addition of a camera sounds logical. However, the public won't have a final answer until Nintendo's appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on the morning of June 7.

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