Wideload, Ubisoft apply for new trademarks

Indie developer files for a trio of game names, while French publisher claims rights to Worlds of Might and Magic.


With a pair of Activision trademark applications bubbling up to provide insight on the publisher's possible plans for the Guitar Hero franchise earlier this week, it was about time for a trademark fishing expedition. After some quality time with the United States Patent and Trademark Office Web site, GameSpot emerged with a few interesting trademarks.

The biggest of the bites came in the form of an Ubisoft application for a trademark on the phrase "Worlds of Might and Magic" in relation to online gaming services. Filed in November, the application suggests that a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the Might and Magic franchise might be in the cards at the French publisher.

However, when contacted, a representative for the company said he hadn't heard of it before. In addition, the phrase has actually been trademarked since 1999, when defunct publisher 3DO first filed for it, also for use in an online game. Ubisoft is the last listed owner on that trademark, which, according to the USPTO site, is still live.

Another trio of trademarks was filed for by Wideload Games, the development studio behind Stubbs the Zombie. The trademarks don't appear to be part of any existing franchises, but all were filed for as names of upcoming games. Two of the games--Founding Fighters and Hail to the Chimp--seem to mirror the skewed sense of humor for which Wideload is known, but the third name claimed, Cyclone, offers little insight into the game's content. Wideload did not return GameSpot's request for comment on the filings.

While these trademarks were filed specifically as names of games, such filings are no assurance that the games are actively under development or will ever see the light of day.

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I love wideload, I am eagerly awaiting Hail to the Chimp...

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@brokendemise: Why wouldn't it have chimps in it? It's GOT to... they're nature's clowns.

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Might and Magic, in my opinion, is one of the best series to ever be invented. The realtime FPRPG's werent that great, but World of Xeen(darkside of xeen and clouds of xeen) is probably the best game I have ever played in my life(i was growing up when it was out, on floppy). Hereos of MIght and Magic is a fanastic turn based game with lush enviroments and a quality feel throught the series. I played WOW for some time and it was too addicting. I love the books but wont play the MMORPG anymore because it isnt worth the time required. HOWEVER, if M&M released their own MMO RPG, i would gladly give up my social life for it(as long as they have the same characters, such as Yog). Also I think there would need to be an every changing story to go along with the MMO. For instance if a guild took out the king, for example, there would be a new cgi showing so or something awesome like that. It would require a large group to keep it up to date, but i personally believe the payoff would be the great. The largest problem an M&M MMO would have, is the people playing WOW now refuse to believe there is anything wrong with it and therefor would bash any NON-WOW rpg because they are close minded.

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Ubisoft is doin it big lol, do it up lol

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Lame Gamespot. You have too much time on your hands. How about doing some real reporting?

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Ways to continue to make good use of the Might and Magic name... 1. Might and Magic (RPG) 2. Heroes of Might and Magic (Tactical Turn based Strategy) Ways to ruin the Might and Magic name... 1. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (lame action games) 2 Worlds of Might and Magic (MMO)

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I luv Wideload, I cannot lie..........!

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Hmmmmmmm....... Interesting.......

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meh.... not another MMO

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and not a moment too soon

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Hmmmmm, interesting.

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It`s amazing how many things you can find out in the United States Patent and Trademark Office Web site.

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hail to the chimp could be hilarious... if it was a simpsons episode and not a game

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No matter how many trademarks they got, it won't change the fact that their products still suck! eww!

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there is trouble a foot

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trademarks sppoil everything

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i want more stubbs lol.

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i still love Might and Magic of the old days like Isles of Terra ... why can't they remake it once more?

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Trademarks, trademarks, trademarks...

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For now, as GameSpot admits, this is purely speculation.

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In that case CrackerMcGee(I think that was on Whose Line Is It Anyway), I would play that game. I think it would be good for XBOXlive arcade.

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Hail To The Chimp is a movie in the Simpsons universe about a chimp that is president, Homer likes it too.

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We need to hype Hail To The chimp!

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Those Guitar Hero trademarks are most likely registered just cover the franchise from copyists trying to ride with the fame-wave.

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Thank you, Gamespot, for up-to-the-minute news on the trademark front. They don't mean anything, but I realize you have to compete with gaming blogs that constantly throw out random, unsubstantiated rumors. However, this strategy isn't going to keep you out in front for long. I strongly recommend hiring stringers to dumpster dive at all the major game developers' offices, so you can report breaking news like "Splinter Cell Could Become MMO, says Ubisoft Cocktail Napkin" and "Developer's Future in Doubt as Gas Powered Games Pays Gas Bill Late."

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Oh noes, more MMORPG?

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this is just spectulation so how can this be news...

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I'm definitely buying Hail to the Chimp. If it doesn't have chimps though, it's goin' out my second story window.

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''worlds of might and magic''now you are talking.

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I don't care what Hail To The Chimp is about, I'm buying it.

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Founding Fighters sounds interesting. Imagine using Ben Franklin to tear apart Thomas Jefferson.

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kinda like Duke Nukem Forever, something that will shock old gamers if it suddenly comes out since it was suppose to be made way back when

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seems just like rumors....why is this news?

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Stubb's the Zombie was awesome

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Your Mom!, that would be a great game name.

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Watever. just another underperforming MMO against WOW

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