Why You Should Watch Star Wars Rebels Season 2

Now you can catch up on the show or watch the season over again.


If you're a Star Wars fan, you know about the Star Wars Rebels television show. It takes place in the period between Episodes III and IV, focusing on the starting formation of the Rebel Alliance and their growing fight against the Empire. As we follow the core cast of Rebels, the second season of the show has brought in several familiar elements from the previous Clone Wars series.

Because the show airs on the Disney XD channel, not everyone has been able to watch it. The good news is the second season is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. With the inclusion of Darth Vader, the show keeps getting more and more ambitious and is not to be missed.

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The returning characters have come a long way since their first appearance. We're seeing more growth in who they are and who they will become. The Empire is strengthening its grip upon the universe, and it makes perfect sense for Vader's presence to be seen and felt. This was one aspect missing from the first season. The show does a great job in utilizing his character without overdoing it. Having James Earl Jones voice the iconic character is perfect.

As the spiritual successor to the previous animated series, The Clone Wars, a lot of elements are brought back and loose ends are tied up. The end of the series and events from Episode III left us with many questions. If you've wanted to know what happened to Ahsoka and the Clonetroopers, those things and much more are brought up here.

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The season did have some ups and downs. While there are a lot of big developments and setup for future storylines, there are some episodes that feel like filler. With a 22-episode season, it's understandable that not all will contain explosive action and adventure. Still, the cameos and how the season progresses towards the end makes this a worthy installment in the Star Wars mythos.

As for the Blu-ray release, it's always great being able to watch episodes back to back without having to wait a week for the next one. The quality is fantastic: the video and audio are top notch. The downside is the special features won't blow you away. 20 episodes of the YouTube Rebels Recon show are included. You get quick summaries and some interviews with voice actors, writers, and producers. They are well produced but already available online. "Connecting the Galaxy," offers a three and a half minute look at some Easter eggs and connections to other elements in the Star Wars universe. "From Apprentice to Adversary" is a six-minute look at the story and building confrontation between Vader and his former apprentice, Ahsoka.

The show might be a little geared towards younger viewers, but there are some darker aspects as well to appeal to viewers of all ages. The action gets intense at times, people get shot and maimed, and ships blow up. The music and voice acting performances makes this worthy to be part of the Star Wars lore. The Blu-ray and DVD release is priced fairly for the content you get with the show. You'll definitely want to check it out before the third season begins. If you've already seen the trailer, you know things are going to get even more intense and ambitious.

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