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Why You Should Buy an Xbox One in 2015

Going all-in on the all-in-one.

Join in us over the next few days as we look at all of the leading games consoles and platforms out right now and try to convince you why you should spend your hard-earned cash. Today we're looking at the Xbox One, with Peter Brown taking the lead on why you need the system in 2015.

If you don't own an Xbox One, now's the time to pick one up. It didn't get off to the best start when it launched back in 2013, but if you're only looking at the past, you're missing what's ahead, and there's a lot to look forward to. Microsoft was on top of the world after the holiday season, having sold more consoles than Sony or Nintendo during the months of November and December. To kick off 2015, head of Microsoft's Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, recently presented an exciting look into the future of Xbox One, including how it will work with Microsoft's upcoming OS, Windows 10. Oh yeah, he also wore a Battletoads shirt, a not-so-small detail that may be a good sign that Rare, the Microsoft-owned studio with a sterling reputation for making great games, may finally be let off the Kinect leash and get back to doing what it does best. That's all speculation at this point, but what we do know is that in 2015, Xbox One owners will get the chance to play some very enticing exclusives and hopefully get an early taste of what happens when you bridge the gap between console and PC.

Exciting Big-Budget Exclusives

What better reason is there to choose a game console other than for its library of games? Microsoft's stable of AAA console exclusives got off to a great start in 2014 with Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive, but there's a lot of great games coming down the pipe, including Halo 5: Guardians from 343 Studios. Some people already got a taste of what's in store, with more than 20 million matches played during a recent, three week beta test. Of couse, there's more than just Halo; Microsoft and its partners are planning to resurrect a bunch of series in 2015 that found success on Xbox 360, including Fable, Crackdown, and Epic Games' Gears of War, the series that rivals Halo as the most iconic Xbox exclusive.

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There's also a handful of third party blockbusters that are either exclusive to Xbox One or landing there first, including Rise of the Tomb Raider, the highly anticipated follow-up to the 2013 reboot, which is supposed to bring the "Tomb" back to Tomb Raider in a major way. Quantum Break is also on the way from Sam Lake and Remedy Entertainment (of Max Payne fame). Quantum Break will play along with digital, episodic show, and the way you play the game, which features time manipulations as one of its primary themes, will impact the outcome of the show.

You can't talk about exciting Xbox One exclusives without mentioning Scalebound from Platinum Games, the team responsible for the great Bayonetta 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and The Wonderful 101. Most of what we know about Scalebound at the moment is that you and a dragon companion fight side by side in the wilderness against massive monsters. We also know that Platinum makes excellent action games. The combination of Platinum's design prowess and dragons sounds too good to pass up, so don't be surprised if Scalebound ends up being a system seller for some people.

Mesmerizing Indie Exclusives

While big studios are plugging away, there are also a handful of indie teams making games for Xbox One, including Capybara Games, creators of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Super Time Force. The Toronto based team is prepping Below, a roguelike that embodies a strong sense of solitude and dread. The pulled back camera drives home the notion that you're small in the grand scheme of things, and Capybara Games has employed a foreboding palette and visual style that's worthy of what looks to be a difficult and downtrodden adventure. Who said games have to be cheery, anyway? We all need a little punishment, sometimes.

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Xbox One owners will also be the first people who get the chance to play Moon Studios' Ori and the Blind Forest. It's got a fantastical atmosphere and whimsical characters that set the scene for one of the most promising platforming adventures to come along in a while, which channels classics such as Super Metroid, where skill progression determines where you can go and what you can do. It's proven to be a great experience in early demos, and may be the surprise indie hit of 2015 when it hits Xbox Live on March 11.


One of the smartest moves that Microsoft made in 2014 was to offer a version of Xbox One without Kinect. It's not that Kinect doesn't have merits, but it drives the cost of the console up significantly. Making Kinect optional was step one to lowering the cost of an Xbox One, down to about $400. What's step two? Knocking off 1/8th of that price for a limited time, bringing the asking price down to $350 in North America. This helped Microsoft sell a lot of consoles during the holiday season, and while the offer ended shortly after the new year, Microsoft reinstated it a few weeks ago, making Xbox One the runner-up for cheapest current-gen console after Nintendo's Wii U. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 still costs $400. There's no time limit set for the current Xbox One promotion, and given that Microsoft brought it back so soon after the first limited-time offer, don't be surprised if the current $350 asking price sticks around.

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Cross platform multiplayer

Consoles don't necessarily compete with gaming PCs in the same way they do with one another, and given that Microsoft's Windows is the backbone of PC gaming, we're thankful to see that Microsoft is finally looking for ways to unite the two platforms. Starting with Fable Legends, Xbox One and Windows players will be able to join forces and play together, something that Microsoft will offer on future titles on a game by game basis. Cross platform multiplayer isn't a new concept, but it's a rare feature, and something Microsoft is poised to take advantage of moving forward given its position in both the console and PC space.

PC Streaming with Windows 10

With the arrival of Windows 10, Xbox One owners will be able to stream their console games to their PC. While this isn't as exciting as total cross-compatibility between PC and Xbox One, it's nothing to shake a stick at. Microsoft hasn't had an answer for Sony's Remote Play feature until now, and though you won't be able to stream outside of your home's local network, you will be able to free up your TV when it's in high demand without giving up your ability to use your Xbox One in the process.

Microsoft's Super Secret Xbox Team

Based on a job listing, Microsoft is recruiting for a team that will work in secret on experimental projects, many of which will fail, but some of which may redefine the future of entertainment. Bold claims, but if anything amazing comes from this team, you can be sure Xbox One owners will reap the benefits. Here are a few excerpts from the job listing:

"A new team has formed in Microsoft's Xbox division with a specific purpose: to push the envelope of today's and tomorrow's technology as we explore new ideas from the ground floor. It begins with veterans from Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, and Kinect. But we’re growing as quickly as our imaginations can be translated into code."

"Most of what we work on is top-secret; you may not know what your new project is until you've accepted an offer. Not all of our ideas will fly. We will fail, and fail fast, on some projects. We will celebrate those failures because they are vital to making sure the right ideas take off in a big way."

"If you’re passionate about the potential for Kinect to continue to revolutionize entertainment and are a seasoned software engineer with the skills to prototype and build the future of premium Kinect-powered experiences, we have a growing team of talented people who want to take entertainment into the future."

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With Xbox One's cheaper price tag, a bounty of exciting games on the horizon, and the promise of interoperability with Windows 10, there's never been a better time to join the Xbox One party.

Check out our rundowns of the other platforms in 2015.

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Peter Brown

Peter is Managing Editor at GameSpot, and when he's not covering the latest games, he's desperately trying to recapture his youth by playing the classics that made him happy as a kid.
Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians

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Avatar image for cgunner_40

Remember guys! This article is saying why you should buy an xbox 1 and not why you should by an xbox 1 and not a pc or ps4. :)

Also Dark please explain how owning a pc which I do and to be precise a next gen ready awesome pc, how does this make the xbox 1 or even ps4 useless?

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

@cgunner_40: I said X1, not ps4, and I ihave already explained most X1 exclusives make it to the PC so what's the point in getting an X1? I suppose you can she'll 300 just to play 1 or 2 or even 10 exclusives but that's just flushing money down the drain, of course this is assuming you already own a pc.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

If you own a PC then the X1 is a useless console lol, whatever exclusive it might have will wind up at the PC anyway, Rise of the tomb raider for example, and I'm certain Killer Instinct and Sunset overdrive will make it to the PC as well.

Avatar image for H0RSE

@Dark_sageX: I own a gaming rig, I also own an xbox one. All of my gaming friends play xbox, so despite any or all of the merits that come from PC gaming, my xbox will never be "useless," unless I decide I never want to play games with my friends anymore...

Avatar image for Stonedwolfed

<< LINK REMOVED >> "If you own a PC"

That's the IF though. And I own a PC (this one) but it struggles like hell to load webpages. The idea of gaming on it ::shudder::

Avatar image for bloginian

I am a die hard PS4 player << LINK REMOVED >> I am making the transition to XBOX One next month!

Avatar image for alien-ouy

IMO PS4 and Wii U has more to offer so far and lets not forget what Microsoft wanted to do to their costumers. Thanks to Sony they changed the strategy. It is really disappointing people forget these things easily.

Avatar image for kiddcyr

<< LINK REMOVED >> Ps4 was going to do the same with Drm online always!! So since you brought it up I must say the same about Ps4 and what they have tried to do! 1) Installed Rootkits onto people's PCs
2) Removed features from PS3 after people bought the console
3) Proprietary memory card format sold at very high prices
4) Hacked and lied about it until the hacked information was released
5) Continued with Last of Us the Online Pass program -- even though it was a Sony published title. The following week talk about no more DRM
6) Talk about how PSN is the best and online should be free. Start charging for online gaming with PS4

What has Sony done to make up for the things they have done? Nothing!!!

Avatar image for europeitch

Reason to buy an Xbox 1? Gears of war..

Avatar image for Fade2black001

No sane person would buy this console

Avatar image for matguimond92

gearing toward a Wii u for a metroid title that hopefully doesn't suck balls like other m and is on par with the metroid prime trilogy, loved those games.

Avatar image for beuneus12

@matguimond92: why get a Wii U? Nintendo already announced it's next console!

Avatar image for BFKZ

The only reason i have an Xbox One is because my profile carries over from the 360. So far, no complaints.

Avatar image for seanwil545

Dunno...for those of use with decent PCs...these selling points fall short.

I do plan to buy an XBO at some point, but I'm waiting for the first redesign before I plunk down any cash.

XBO slim with a performance bump would be ideal.

Avatar image for Stonedwolfed

<< LINK REMOVED >> Agreed, but I think the sell is to people like me without gaming PCs (or wanting the cost of one) and who are still grinding away on the 360.

For me the likely game to get me to upgrade is MAD MAX.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

Seriously though, as a PC gamer, these reasons are not compelling.

1. "Mesmerising indie exclusives". Generally speaking, we sort of know the PS4's are better, don't we?

2. "Affordability". The same as the PS4 you mean.

3. "PC streaming"... okaaaay.

4. "Cross platform multiplayer", so you can have your ass handed to you by people using a mouse?

5. "Super secret Xbox Team". Super don't care.

6. "Big budget exclusives". OK, well, there's at least a little merit to this point.

I don't know how much selling power Sunset Overdrive really has. It's fun if you've got the system already but...

Titanfall is a good game no doubt. But it's a better game on PC all round.

Halo 5, well, are people really still excited about Halo at this point? Personally I wouldn't play an FPS without a mouse.

Ultimately I think it's safe to say the PS4's exclusives are better too. Is that unreasonable?

Avatar image for lram45


So 1 is only your opinion. 2 Xbox was cheaper than PS and its safe to assume it will be again come the holiday. 3 You assume that people wont want to stream games to their PC that are only on Xbox. 4 SF is going to do the same thing with PS and I don't think PC will have much of an advantage in that case. 5 another opinion.

Again games being better on PS is just your opinion. Both consoles are good and both have their own benefits. Really it comes down to the games you like and just because you don't like the selection on the other console doesn't make it worse.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson


1. Can you find any professional opinion on the internet that Xbox has the better indies? It may be my opinion that they're better, but it's not my opinion that it's most people's opinions that they're better. Or you could just add up the scores and you'd see it that way, or you could take the average and see it *that* way. Yeah "better" is subjective, but it doesn't need to be absolute as long as most people agree.

2. lol, no it was the PlayStation that was cheaper, or have you forgotten?

3. Let's just see how many people will want to stream their Xbox through their PC when they already have it hooked up to the large TV they already bought to play their Xbox... with their controller.

4. Even if you're right, them doing the same thing *evidently* means it's not an advantage for the Xbox One, doesn't it? And if they're not playing with a mouse, then no, they're going to be absolutely destroyed.

5. "Another opinion"? They haven't even said what it is yet lol. What? Am I supposed to go and buy an Xbox One because of Microsoft's super ultra mega so-cool badass secret that's no badass they can't even tell me about it? lol, give me a break.

Avatar image for anthonybecky

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Dissatisfied winey kids scream the loudest so of course there are more people hyping the ps4 they want people to listen to their nonsense

Avatar image for netnow66

First, if you are going to buy and haven't yet, wait until the end of the year. You might be kicking yourself if the price drops any where near what it did last year. Also, with all of this cross implementation, some of us might need to evaluate if pumping up our PCs might be a better move than purchasing an Xbox One. If all the Xbox One AAA titles will be on the PC (and I do believe that's where this is going), you might have some rethinking to do. Admittedly, we will have to wait to see how all this plays out and the announcements coming from Microsoft.

Avatar image for slim70

Well exclusives are the #1 biggest reason to buy any system but the XBO also has a few other reasons like: Snap, suspend/resume, Skype, DLNA and MP3 support, external HD support, faster updates, more apps, more cross platform, 300K servers so better bandwidth which equals less lag, better matchmaking and a more stable online service overall.

Avatar image for AuraWielder

I like the Wii U best myself. I think it has the best choice of games, in my opinion.

*holds up flame shield*

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

My wife bought me a ps4 on black friday and i traded in a xbox elite for a very cheap xb1 through the microsoft store. Both console are great and have been enjoying them alot. I prefer the xb1 controller due to look/move being on different planes but over all the ps4 has been a bit better then the xb1 in terms of use and quality.

Unfortunately, I have gotten into divinity OS and lords of xulima on pc and they have sucked up any free time i have. Both of these titles could easily have controller support and be on consoles - I wish the console makers would lower their licensing fees to encourage more ports of these great traditional pc rpgs. So for now both consoles are Netflix extensions into the bedroom and living room.

Avatar image for solidsnakehd

Never buy a x1

Avatar image for starjay009

Both PS4 and X1 are good. But I only have PS4 and I am damn PROUD of it. Best console IMO. I may consider the X1 sometime towards the end of its lifespan like the way I bought the PS3 2 years ago. I won't go about dissing the X1 because I think it's good for its own reason. Still, the PS4 is where my heart is. Amazing system !

Avatar image for namitokiwa

<< LINK REMOVED >> I have it and I can not wait for Uncharted 4 and Until Dawn. I somehow have a feelin that Until Dawn may got an 6 and nearly over 75 on metacritic. But I still wanna play those horror games like that.
And then Star Ocean for PS4...oh my <3

Avatar image for Revl8n

Why you shouldn't buy an Xbox one - ever... The PS4 is superior in every way!

Avatar image for skiggy34

<< LINK REMOVED >> lol good try wet d1ck... outside of slight power what else does iy... nothing. Trust me I own both. Psn sure as hell aint better than live.

Avatar image for kalarro

<< LINK REMOVED >> what about the controller? xbox one has the best controller of any platform

Avatar image for schlongoloid333

That was very constructive. Thanks for the input! I'm sure you've change many minds

Avatar image for andrewskaterrr

<< LINK REMOVED >> Oh, I don't know....exclusives?

Avatar image for yoda101280

What game is that depicted in the title image?

Avatar image for HippyTrippy

<< LINK REMOVED >> Upcoming X1 exclusive Scalebound :)

Avatar image for sauberbeast

PS4 is a purpose built gaming machine, for the more serious, and dare I say, mature players. There are no silly afterthoughts here, just a refined gaming experience. Get this for yourself.

XboxOne is a decent gaming machine, but like many of its gimmicky typical Microsoft add-ons, its more of a toy. Get this for your kids.

Avatar image for slim70

<< LINK REMOVED >> Troll.

Avatar image for A8ADD0N


I think it says a lot about someone who has to bring up maturity levels in an argument about which console is "better". That only tells me that you, yourself, are childish, and that I should take your opinion with a grain of salt. But hey, I'm just a typical adult, with kids of my own, what would I know about maturity?

Avatar image for schlongoloid333

Haha listen to this guy. I own PS4, Xbone and Wii U by the way and they are all great, can't really go wrong with any of them. Just because you can't afford more than one console, you don't have to go bashing other consoles to justify your purchase.

Avatar image for psionacles

<< LINK REMOVED >> both consoles are for kids thats why they cost so little, want a real machine buy a PC

Avatar image for Mizarzeug


A PC just for games..... thats for kids

Avatar image for vecha

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> You mean "build" a pc.

Oh, and to add to your comment.

If you are not a kid. Get all the consoles AND build your own PC.

Instead of going on the internet and complaining that your household can't afford the entire gaming experience.

Avatar image for Gamenapkin

What's better than Supreme Commander 2? (Any RTS games?) What's better than Tropico 5? (Any building games?) What's better then Port Royale 3? (Any economy games?) I just see shooters with better graphics. Would like to see something. Maybe a fantasy game. Something. There aren't enough titles out for it yet. Or...no one is advertising them.

Avatar image for namitokiwa

<< LINK REMOVED >> And I like action game :">

Avatar image for F1Lengend

Is GS controlling the negativity on the Bone?

Avatar image for F1Lengend

You'd have to be an idiot to buy an X1 this gen, there isn't a worse console or gaming platform than the Bone.

I feel bad for people who paid four hundred and ninety nine us dollars for this hunk of junk. Only a diehard Xbot would buy one.