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Why Vince Vaughn Wanted To Play A Teen Girl In Freaky

How did Happy Death Day director Chris Landon cast Vince Vaughn to play a teen girl in Freaky? He scared him.

In Freaky, Vince Vaughn takes on the role of a lifetime: a teenage girl. The film, from Blumhouse and directed by Happy Death Day's Chris Landon, is essentially a slasher version of Freaky Friday. Freaky sees high school student Millie (Katheryn Newton) swapping bodies with demented serial killer the Blissfield Butcher (Vaughn).

On the surface, the premise alone has a lot of great comedic potential. Still, while Vaughn was Landon's first choice for the role, the director wasn't expecting him to be interested.

"He really was it for me. There were so many boxes that needed to be ticked here," Landon explained. "And it was tricky because I needed somebody that was physically intimidating. I needed someone who was convincingly scary. I needed someone who had really strong acting chops, and someone who's charming and comedic. There's so many things that Vince has to be in this movie and he's, like, literally the only dude that can do all of it. And so we sent the script to him first. And I, honestly, was prepared for him to pass."

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Ultimately, though, Vaughn sent word that he wanted to meet with the director. "When I got together with him, it was clear to me that this is a guy who has done it all and has been as successful as any human being can be in this business, and that he was kind of in it now for fun and for the challenge," Landon said of the meeting.

What was the challenge that made Vaughn want to pursue this movie? "He said that the role scared the s*** out of him and that's why he wanted to do it," the director admitted. If you need a reason to sign on for a horror movie, a role that personally scares you is as good as any.

Of course, it helped that he was a fan of the director's previous works. "He really liked the Happy Death Day films, so he felt like he was in good hands," Landon said.

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The end result is a film in which Vaugh plays a very over-the-top teen girl attempting to stop a rampaging serial killer trapped in the body of a high school student--and with the body count to match.

Freaky hits the big screen in cities where movie theaters are open on Friday, November 13. Make sure to check out GameSpot's review of the film before you head out to theaters.

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