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Why The Witcher 3 Is the End of Geralt's Story

CD Projekt Red hasn't ruled out making more Witcher games without Geralt, however.


Next month's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be the final entry in the series where protagonist Geralt of Rivia plays the lead role. This much developer CD Projekt Red confirmed all the way back at the start of 2013. But now, senior writer Jakub Szamałek sheds more light on the decision in a new interview with IGN.

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“I think good stories must have an ending," he said. "You cannot extend them indefinitely, and we felt that Geralt has had such an amazing adventure, and his saga is already so long and complex that this seemed like a good point to think about an appropriate finale for the story."

While Geralt "has reached the end of his journey," CD Projekt Red hasn't ruled out making more games in the series.

“The Witcher universe is a very big place with a lot of NPCs, a lot of characters, a lot of places we haven't shown yet," Szamałek explained. “So, we might return to it at some point…but we think that this is a good place to let Geralt enjoy his retirement and try something new."

Be sure to read the full IGN interview for more. And for more on The Witcher 3, check out GameSpot's extensive coverage of the game, including developer interviews, gameplay videos, and more.

Looking beyond The Witcher 3, which launches May 19 for consoles and PC, CD Projekt Red is also working on another RPG, Cyberpunk 2077. Little is known about this project, however.

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