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Why Star Wars Battlefront Doesn't Have a Traditional Single-Player Campaign

"We have to focus."


Battlefield developer DICE's upcoming shooter Star Wars Battlefront will not have a traditional single-player campaign. Now, the Swedish studio has provided more details on that decision.

Speaking with GameSpot today at Gamescom, senior producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir said Battlefront's history is rooted in multiplayer, and this is something DICE wanted to carry forward with the new game.

"As we concepted the game and thought about the legacy of the previous Battlefront games--they didn't really have campaigns, they've always been predominately a multiplayer franchise. That's what we wanted to do," she explained. "We wanted to focus on the multiplayer."

DICE, of course, is well-versed in multiplayer. The studio created Battlefield, and hopes to carry its experience on that franchise forward to Battlefront.

"From the start it had a pure multiplayer focus," Ingvarsdottir added. "It was a lot of the pedigree of the DICE studio, in terms of having delivered great multiplayer in the past, and for us we feel like this is more of a multiplayer franchise. So that's been the focus."

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Although Battlefront won't have a traditional single-player campaign, Ingvarsdottir pointed out that the game does have a Missions mode that you can play either alone, or with a friend locally via split-screen or online.

Some fans are not happy about Battlefront not having a single-player campaign. But the game--based on one of the biggest and well-known entertainment franchises on the planet--of course was never going to be able to please everyone.

"People have so many expectations toward Star Wars," Ingvarsdottir said. "It's so vast. There's so many things that you want from it. We have to focus."

Previously, DICE general manager Patrick Bach said the studio never even considered a single-player campaign for Battlefront.

Earlier today during EA's Gamescom briefing, we got a first look at Battlefront's 10v10 dogfighting mode, Squadron Fighter. Battlefront launches on November 17 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

How do you feel about Battlefront not having a campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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