Why Nintendo Land has no online support

Nintendo producer Katsuya Eguchi says titles within minigame compilation made to encourage real-world interaction with those in the same room.


Nintendo has explained why Wii U launch title Nintendo Land does not include online support. Speaking in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu (via Polygon), Nintendo producer Katsuya Eguchi said it was the company's hope to encourage real-world interaction with gamers sitting in the same room.

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"Nintendo Land's multiplayer attractions work because of the communication shared between the people playing them," Eguchi said. "So they were set up from the start to be something people in the same room could enjoy."

Elsewhere in the feature, Nintendo offered insight as to why Star Fox was skipped over for inclusion in Nintendo Land. Director Yoshikazu Yamashita revealed that Nintendo had prototyped a title surrounding Star Fox, but ultimately found it to not be a good match.

"Generally it was easy to match the gameplay from the prototypes with one series or another," Yamashita said. "For example, a game with air and ground battles works well with Metroid. There was a time when Metroid Blast was going to be a Star Fox title, but the prototype featured this vehicle that hovered around like a helicopter and we figured that'd never be a good match for an Arwing."

For more on Nintendo Land, check out GameSpot's review.

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