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Why Halo: The Master Chief Collection's Custom Game Browser Is Taking So Long

The browser has been planned for a long time, but 343 says it has "snowballed" into a "crazy huge, complicated feature."


Halo: The Master Chief Collection is getting a Custom Game Browser--which is exactly what it sounds like--but the feature is taking longer than expected to release. The feature, which will allow you to search for custom games, was dropped from a recent beta test, and now one of the game's developers has explained part of the reason why the feature isn't coming out just yet.

Community director Brian Jarrard said on Twitter that the Custom Game Browser "snowballed" into a "crazy huge, complicated feature." As such, it's taking more time than previously thought to get to a state where it's ready for everyone to use.

"It's really just snowballed into a crazy huge, complicated feature--way more robust than I ever imagined. I'm eager as well but definitely support the team taking the time needed to make sure v1 is a solid experience," Jarrard said on Twitter.

343 Industries announced on March 26 that the Custom Game Browser would not be included in the latest beta test for Halo: MCC because the studio discovered "several bugs."

"We had hoped, and worked, but there's just some critical bugs that were found and need to be addressed. Things relating to the launching of a team game not functioning appropriately, gameplay flows, and some additional core issues that needed to be resolved," 343 said.

The studio added that it doesn't have an exact timeline available for when it will be ready, but 343 confirmed it will be beta-tested again before becoming availably publicly.

"Thank you all for understanding and the support for our teams to take their time to polish this feature up and get it out when it’s in a much better place!" 343 said.

Halo: MCC's much-anticipated Season 6 Raven update goes live on April 7, but it remains to be seen if the Custom Game Browser will be ready in time for it.

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