Whoops, Someone Forgot to Double-Check Driveclub's Box Art Text

Meanwhile, preloading for the digital version of the PS4-exclusive racer has begun.

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Developers can release patches as soon as a game launches in order to fix any lingering issues it may have. Unfortunately for Driveclub, it suffers from one problem that can't be fixed in that way: an error on its box art.

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Kotaku has published a picture of the back of Driveclub's box. Along with the usual sorts of proclamations about what the game offers is the following line: "Race in hundreds of online & offline players." Huh?

There's any number of variations for what it could have meant to say, but that's what will be stuck sitting on your shelf if you elect to pick up a physical copy. At least it's not as egregious of an error as when the name of a game--Resident Evil: Revelations--was misspelled on the spine of the 3DS case. In that case, Capcom offered owners of the game replacement covers. Given this is a smaller mistake, we don't yet know if Sony will do the same.

Driveclub launches in North America tomorrow, October 7, on PS4. Those who preorder the game on the PlayStation Store can begin preloading it now in the United States and Canada, according to director Paul Rustchynsky. European gamers can begin preloading it sometime today, while those in the UK have to wait until Wednesday.

If you want to try the game before you buy it, or you simply want a free sampling, PlayStation Plus members will get access to the free Plus Edition tomorrow. This version includes a limited amount of content from the full game, but can't be preloaded; you'll have to wait until Tuesday to begin downloading it.

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