Whoops, Nissan Mistakes PS4 Racer Driveclub's Graphics for Real Life

Innovation that excites maybe a little too much.


Though Sony's PlayStation 4 racing game Driveclub sputtered at the starting line upon release last year, one thing was never in question: the game's gorgeous graphics. Now, a representative for one major car brand--Nissan, whose cars are featured in the game--has mistaken the racer's visuals for real life.

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A Twitter user named Chris shared some in-game Nissan car images from Driveclub recently with the Nissan USA account, using the caption "Innovation that excites." This, of course, is Nissan's slogan.

The person running the Nissan Twitter account replied, "Awesome shots! Did you take these photos?" It didn't take long before other users pointed out the mistake.

Check out the screengrabs below to see how it all went down.

There's no question that Driveclub's graphics are great. But some believe video game visuals are set to get even better. Both Star Wars studio Industrial Light & Magic and Unreal company Epic Games have said game graphics will be indistinguishable from reality in the next decade.

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