Wholesome Direct Will Return In 2021

We can't wait to take an afternoon to relax and learn about some cute and wholesome indie games.


The Wholesome Direct will be back for another year, scheduled to air sometime later in 2021. If you have a game to show off, submissions to be featured in the direct are now open until March 15.

Like last year, Wholesome Direct will be a livestream all about indie games that can be described as cute and/or cozy in terms of their visuals, tone, or story. The stream will feature exclusive trailers and gameplay demonstrations and interviews with developers.

Wholesome Direct 2020 occurred in May so its stands to reason this year's event will as well, but the organizers have not yet confirmed a date.

Over 50 games were shown off during Wholesome Direct 2020, including titles like Kind Words (a relaxing game where an online community supports each other through hard times), Spiritfarer (one of GameSpot's Best Games of 2020), Ooblets (read GameSpot's early access review), and Haven (one of the best games to play with your partner).

Wholesome Direct was a welcome distraction in 2020, and it's wonderful to see the show return again in 2021. Perhaps we'll hear release dates for some of the games listed in the 50 indies we're most excited to see in 2021.

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