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"Whole New Version" of Minecraft for Windows 10 Announced

A beta for the new version of Minecraft will launch on July 29; get all the details here.


Mojang has announced a "whole new version" of Minecraft. No, it's not the HoloLens experience, but rather a new edition of the game built specifically for Microsoft's upcoming operating system, Windows 10.

This new version of Minecraft will "develop and evolve over time" just as the original version of the open-ended sandbox game did, Mojang said in a statement. The developer will launch a beta version of the game on July 29, the same day that Windows 10 is released publicly.

"Just like the other versions of Minecraft, all future updates will be free," Mojang said. "We spoil you. We really do."

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Minecraft recently crossed 20 million sales on PC, and all of those players can download a free copy of the Windows 10 edition upon its release. Everyone else can buy the game for $10 through the duration of the beta period, but Mojang has not yet decided how long that will last.

Like the existing PC, console, and mobile versions of Minecraft, the new Windows 10 edition will feature two main game modes, Creative and Survival, as well as multiplayer support. The Windows 10 version of Minecraft will also support online and local multiplayer with the Pocket Edition by way of a free update that should be released "soon" after launch.

Windows 10 players can also use multiple control setups, including controller, touch, and traditional mouse and keyboard. The new version of Minecraft also supports GameDVR to allow players to record and share their gameplay clips. What's more, Minecraft for Windows 10 comes with built-in feedback systems so players can let Mojang know what they like--and what they don't.

Microsoft acquired Minecraft and Mojang last year in a $2.5 billion deal. Just this past weekend, Mojang held its annual Minecon event in London, where the company announced new details about its Minecraft: Story Mode single-player game developed in partnership with Telltale Games.

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