Whoa, The Nintendo Wii Just Got A Brand-New Game

Just dance into 2020 with your Nintendo Wii.


The Nintendo Wii turns 13 years old soon, and the stream of new game releases for it has been quiet for a while now. But every so often, it still gets a new addition to its library, and this is such a week. That's right--dust off those Wii consoles and put some batteries in those Wii remotes, as Nintendo's motion control-based system has gotten a brand-new game: Just Dance 2020.

Just Dance 2020 landed on the Wii this week for $40 USD across a variety of retailers. So, bust out that motion sensor to floss and hit the whoa to "40 hot new tracks" with your kids and/or younger siblings. Of course, the game also launches on Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

While Just Dance 2020 retails for $40 USD, some stores are selling it at a discount. Amazon, for example, slashed its price to $26.66 USD when you apply an additional coupon. Walmart offers a discount on the game as well, though you have to add Just Dance 2020 to your cart to see the total discounted price.

Just Dance 2020

The last "new" games the Wii got were entries in the Just Dance series. Both Just Dance 2018 and Just Dance 2019 found their way to Nintendo's long-dormant system. Prior to this, Let's Sing 2018 and The Voice were the last games to appear on the Wii.

Just Dance 2020 was revealed during Ubisoft's E3 2019 press conference with a full dance routine, which you can watch above.

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