Who Needs PS Plus? Play GTA 5 Online Without It For A Limited Time

Sometimes crime does pay.

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If you own a PS4, you probably know you have to shell out cash for a PlayStation Plus subscription to play most games online. But what if you didn't? That's the question posed by Rockstar Games with the release of the After Hours update for GTA Online in Grand Theft Auto V. Between now and August 6, anyone with a PS4 and an internet connection can play GTA Online, regardless of whether you have a PlayStation Plus membership. That gives you two weeks to run amok in San Andreas for free.

GTA 5's After Hours update introduces a whole new set of night life content to the game, including nightclubs, vehicles, outfits, and more. Nightclubs are the biggest addition. To get a nightclub, you have to partner up with Tony Prince, who will help you buy and run the club. You get to personalize your establishment however you want, choosing the decor, hiring staff, and deciding how to promote your new enterprise.

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Nightclubs also include an underground warehouse, which becomes the hub for your less-than-legal activities. Here you can assign technicians to gather supplies for your existing Biker, Special Cargo, Smugglers, and Gunrunning businesses. They can then sell the items to add to your bankroll, all without you lifting a finger. The update also introduces seven new vehicles, including the Ocelot Swinger sports car, the Dinka Jester Classic, as well as delivery vehicles for your warehouse supplies.

In addition to not needing PS Plus to play right now, some other bonuses are waiting for you. If you log in to GTA Online between now and July 30, you'll get a free Tony's Fun House t-shirt. And if you joined the "guest list" by logging in before July 2, you'll receive additional rewards, including GTA $350,000 and some free apparel.

But once August 6 rolls around, free GTA Online access goes away unless you subscribe to PlayStation Plus. It's a worthwhile subscription service, though. In addition to online play, PS Plus members also get free games each month.

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