Who Is The Typical Xbox Gamer? Leaked Documents Reveal New Details

The data comes from responses from 2,000 gamers in the US.


Windows Central has obtained internal Microsoft documents that reveal a number of interesting data points and context around who the typical Xbox gamer is and more.

Based on the responses of 2,000 gamers in the US, the documents, distributed to development partners to help them understand the audience better, show that the 58 percent of Xbox gamers are male, compared to 42 percent female. The 25-34 age bracket is the biggest, at 28 percent, followed by 35-44 (23 percent), 18-24 (18 percent), 45-54 (15 percent), 13-17 (10 percent), and 55-65 (6 percent).

45 percent of respondents said they live with their spouse, followed next by 23 percent who said they live with their parents. In terms of household income, $50,000-$74,999 (21 percent) and $75,000-$99,999 (21 percent) were the highest in terms of percentages.

Another slide is focused on player behavior and how players fit into groups. Fifty-three percent of users are interested in "Socializing," which Microsoft defines as spending the most time on Xbox Live (17 hours per week) and has four times more friends than average. Forty-nine percent are in the "Exploring" category (plays an average of 15 games per year), while 31 percent are in the "Achievement" group, which means their Gamerscore is 2X more than others, have spent 37 months on Xbox Live, and play around 14 hours of multiplayer each week.

Go to Windows Central to see more data points about Xbox gamers.

The next Xbox console is Project Scorpio (working title), which comes out this holiday. It plays all Xbox One games and works with Xbox One controllers, so you don't have to buy new ones. In recent news, more details about what the console's development kit can do have been revealed.

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