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Where's The Next Family Guy Movie? Seth MacFarlane Weighs In

MacFarlane says he's had the movie figured out for the past 15 years.


For years, many have wondered if Seth MacFarlane might ever produce another Family Guy movie, one that could potentially get a theatrical release. (For context, a straight-to-DVD Family Guy movie was released in 2005). We still don't know if that will happen, but MacFarlane has now said he has the film figured out.

Appearing at PaleyFest, the series creator said he's know what he wants to do with the next Family Guy movie for many years now--he just needs time to make it.

"I have known what that movie will be for the past 15 years and I just haven't had the time to get to it, but I do know what it will be," MacFarlane said, as reported by TheWrap.

Technically, this wouldn't be the first Family Guy movie. Fans may recall that Fox produced the 2005 straight-to-DVD movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. It was later split into three episodes that aired on TV the following year. The plot of that movie involved Stewie embarking on a trek to find a man he thinks is his real father.

But Family Guy fans are holding out for another movie, one that could potentially get a theatrical release like The Simpsons Movie did in 2007. That film earned more than $500 million globally but was produced at the same time as the ongoing TV series, and this led to some headaches.

Veteran Simpsons writer Al Jean said he would "strongly advise" against making another Simpsons movie until the show ends, due to the time commitments. The Simpsons has no plans to end, though, and neither does Family Guy, so it'll be interesting to see if there is ever a Simpsons Movie 2 or a another Family Guy film.

What is confirmed, though, is that MacFarlane and the Family Guy team are producing two original episodes of the show for Hulu. These will be the Halloween and Christmas episodes, he said at PaleyFest.

The Family Guy series celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2024. For more, check out what MacFarlane had to say about the animated show's enduring legacy.

Looking ahead beyond the Family Guy series, MacFarlane is producing the new Naked Gun movie starring Liam Neeson and Pamela Anderson.

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