Where's The C-3PO Cameo In Solo: A Star Wars Story?

Not exactly.


So far, Anthony Daniels' character C-3PO has been in every Star Wars movie, including 2016's Rogue One and all the main, numbered releases. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set before A New Hope, and after Revenge of the Sith, meaning it's long after Anakin built the protocol droid. Threepio's exact activities in between Episodes 3 and 4 aren't necessarily known, so for all we know, he could have fit somewhere in the events of Solo. And Mark Hamill added credence to that theory earlier this month when he told the Washington Post's "Cape Up" podcast that "Daniels was so happy, 'cause he’s in every single Star Wars movie...Every single one. All the prequels. He's in Rogue One, he's in Solo."

If you're ultra sensitive about spoilers, leave now! As it turns out, C-3PO is nowhere to be seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. So what gives? Did Hamill misspeak? Was he misinformed? Did the cameo exist at one point, only to be taken out at some point in Solo's troubled production?

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The answer, is turns out, is much simpler: Star Wars fans simply misinterpreted Hamill's comments. There's no C-3PO cameo in Solo, but Anthony Daniels does play a part.

"There is not a C-3PO cameo in the movie, but what there is, and what [Hamill] was referring to, is the Anthony Daniels cameo in the movie," Solo co-writer Jonathan Kasdan told GameSpot during a recent interview.

Well, that explains that. So where exactly is the longtime C-3PO actor in the newest Star Wars Story? Who does Anthony Daniels play in Solo?

"During the Kessel Mine escape, the other Wookiee, whose name is Sagwa, has a human best friend," Kasdan explained. "In the end, you see this moment when Chewie is torn between going with that other Wookiee, and going with Han. And then they press their heads together. And the person who is calling that other Wookiee to 'Come this way!' is Anthony Daniels."

So that's it. Really, it's not actually that exciting, though we're glad Daniels has kept his streak up. It does get slightly juicier, though, as Kasdan also revealed this little tidbit about Sagwa and his human pal:

"I've in my mind worked out a whole story for them--they may be lovers, they may not," he said. "It's never quite clear."

Solo is out in theaters next Friday, May 25. For more coverage check out our Solo: A Star Wars Story review. Oh, and if you're wondering exactly when Solo is set in the overall Star Wars timeline, here's your answer.

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