Where To Reveal The Command Symbol In Fortnite

The mysterious Command Symbol can only be found in one specific place on the Fortnite island.


As part of Fortnite's Fortnitemares 2021 event, you'll need to reveal the Command Symbol, a mysterious otherwordly object, as part of Ariana Grande's Monster Hunter questline (no, not that Monster Hunter). In this guide, we'll walk you through not just where to find the Command Symbol, but the rather strange steps you'll need to take to finally reveal the Command Symbol. You'll want to make sure you complete this to keep unraveling the mystery that is at the center of Fortnite's current story thread.

Where To Reveal The Command Symbol In Fortnite

You must reveal the Command Symbol within Weeping Woods.
You must reveal the Command Symbol within Weeping Woods.

To find the Command Symbol, you'll want to head into Weeping Woods and look in front of the biggest (northern) cabin. When the quest is active for you, you'll find a strange pink hologram there, with three stakes in the ground.

Approach each one and you'll notice they each suggest a movement using a hologram of Jonesy. One shows him swinging his axe, another shows him crouching, and the third one shows him jumping. Like you maybe did in Season 6's Anomaly quests, you'll need to take these movements as instructions.

Beside each hologram, perform the corresponding movement. This will complete the ritual required to reveal the Command Symbol. Once you do that, a grey stone with cryptic pink etchings will appear. Why? We're not sure yet, but for now, you can enjoy the 30,000 XP as we work out the story implications of this quest. You can also find the complete Ariana Grande questline here with guides for each step in the process.

It's Fortnitemares 2021: Wrath of the Cube Queen, and the island is looking like it.

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