Where To Place Ghostbusters Signs And Deploy A Ghost Trap In Fortnite

After you call the Ghostbusters, you can complete their questline with these quests.


In Fortnite, you'll want to place Ghostbusters signs and deploy a ghost trap in order to close out the five-part Ghostbusters: Afterlife questline you can pick up from the new Containment Specialist NPC. This questline awards not just a ton of XP, but also an exclusive No Ghosts back bling, so you'll want to complete these challenges before the end of Fortnitemares on November 2. Here's how to complete the final two Containment Specialist quests.

Where To Place Ghostbusters Signs And Deploy A Ghost Trap In Fortnite

This is the adult ghost tour.
This is the adult ghost tour.

These two objectives represent the final challenges in the Ghostbusters questline and are all that stand between you and the rewards you can earn. While you can do each of these quests in a number of places, we're going to show you a shortcut so you can complete them both quickly and in the same area. Call it your very own ghost tour--no swearing, please.

First, you'll want to drop into Pleasant Park. Be careful, as that's also where to find candy in Fortnite, so it's going to be a hot drop for the duration of Fortnitemares. Once you're there, you'll need to place three Ghostbusters signs around town. We've labeled them in red in the map below. You can place the signs:

  • In front of the two-story yellow house along the western road
  • In front of the basement door at the yellow house near the gas station
  • At the back door of the center-north white house

Once you've placed all three of those signs, you'll immediately be able to complete the fifth quest as well. That one, which demands you deploy a ghost trap, can also be done in Pleasant Park, just a few meters from where you'll be after placing signs.

Place signs at the red dots and deploy a ghost trap at the blue dot.
Place signs at the red dots and deploy a ghost trap at the blue dot.

Head into the center of Pleasant Park and look near the picnic area for the glowing blue quest object. We've marked it on the map in blue too. Deploy the ghost trap there and just as soon as you earn 30,000 XP for placing signs, you'll have already also deployed the ghost trap and earned another 30,000 XP.

That will also complete your Ghostbusters: Afterlife punchcard and earn you the time-limited No Ghosts back bling. Now you too can be afraid of no ghosts. Then you can check out everything else that's new for Halloween in Fortnite, like the Ariana Grande questline.

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