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Where To Find The Travel Medallion - Zelda Breath Of The Wild DLC Guide

Make traveling easier.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first DLC, titled The Master Trials, is finally out, and it comes with a useful item known as the Travel Medallion, which allows you to create your own fast-travel point. This should come as good news for players who have been yearning for a quick and easy way to access a specific location that would be difficult to go back and forth from. While the game offers clues to help you find the Travel Medallion, you can head straight there if you're privy to where it's located.

The medallion is located in a treasure chest somewhere in Lomei Labyrinth Island. To find the chest more easily, use your Sheikah Sensor to track treasure chests and enable Magnesis to spot them.

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Location: The chest is located in an underground cavern on Lomei Labyrinth Island. You'll need to jump down a shaft with an air current flowing upward through it. If you've completed the Tu Ka'loh Shrine, fast travel to it, and you'll find the shaft right in front of the shrine. The chest is along the southern wall of the cavern. The area is filled with Guardians both active and dormant, so be sure to pack Ancient Arrows or master the art of parrying before you enter.

To use the Travel Medallion, go to the location you'd like to set as your custom fast travel point, select the Medallion in your Key Items pouch, and choose "place."

The Master Trials DLC is one of two DLC packs included in the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass, which is available for $20 on the Nintendo Eshop. For more on The Master Trials DLC content, check out our roundup detailing where to find all the new armor sets and items. And be sure to follow all our Zelda guides and videos for more on the DLC.

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