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Where To Find Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher In Ghost Recon Wildlands' New Update

Sam Fisher is back.

Each of the big expansions in Ghost Recon Wildlands' Year 2 of updates will feature a distinct theme. The newly released Special Operations I's theme is Splinter Cell, offering new PvE and Ghost War PvP content based on Ubisoft's fellow Tom Clancy game series. On the PvE side, there's a new mission featuring protagonist Sam Fisher, but he won't simply pop up in front of you (he is a spy, after all).

In the video above, we detail exactly how you can track Fisher down and take part in the new content. You'll want to head to La Cruz, where you'll see a story mission icon. Reach Fisher's location without being spotted to complete the first of the solo challenges. The next two involve surviving an attack and then extracting. Complete all three before May 16 to earn his iconic sonar goggles.

You'll also get to see all of the voicelines involving Fisher, an in-game interaction with him, and a cutscene. In other words, if you're simply a Splinter Cell fan who doesn't own Wildlands, you can check out everything that you're missing out on. Although it's ultimately a minor part of Wildlands, this is big news for Splinter Cell fans, who haven't gotten a new game since 2013's Blacklist. That game also featured a new voice actor, leaving behind Michael Ironside. However, Ironside is back for this crossover.

Fisher makes a reference to an "army infiltration" person who wore a bandana and is told he retired--possibly a reference to Metal Gear Solid's Snake. More notably, there's a possible tease of a new Splinter Cell game. Karen Bowman, the Ghosts' handler, tells Fisher about an "empty quiver," which is a military reference to a lost nuclear weapon. She tells Fisher she can get him in the air in an hour--perhaps to go off on a new adventure in the next Splinter Cell. Ubisoft has teased the possibility of a new Splinter Cell game, but no such game has been announced.

In the meantime, the new Wildlands mission will be playable indefinitely, although completing certain challenges by May 16 will unlock special rewards. Aside from the aforementioned goggles, there are challenges that involve killing enemies without being spotted visually and another to destroy enemy vehicles with C4. Those will get you a Fourth Echelon cosmetic item and a Spec Ops crate, respectively.

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Chris Pereira

Chris Pereira is GameSpot's engagement editor. He likes Twin Peaks, The X-Files (before it was bad), and serial commas.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

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Get Sam Fisher by air... very easy : vidéo Get Sam Fisher by air

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"Then it's only me"

*thousand miles stare.

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I had Fisher call me, but I didn't get the mission.

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I freakin beat the level and just as I did got killed, as it was going to the died in combat screen I was getting the notifications of completion but when the game reloaded it didn't register the completion.

Talk about a split second and getting screwed outta my completion so now I need to do it all again and it's isn't easy at Tear One, level 22. :(

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WTF are you waiting for Ubi? New SC game, stat!