Where To Find Lightsabers In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Lightsabers aren't as far, far away as they used to be anymore.


Lightsabers in Fortnite are a fan-favorite weapon, but an extremely rare one too. It's been years since the iconic swords came to the island. To celebrate May The Fourth, or Star Wars Day, Epic Games has finally brought Star Wars lightsabers back into Fortnite with a new set of Star Wars quests and skins. That's right, after almost three whole years, Star Wars is making a triumphant return to Fortnite, and there's a slew of things to do, from going through Stormtrooper training to finding lightsabers scattered across the island.

Speaking of finding lightsabers, it should be relatively easy to find one, since they're apparently only returning as floor loot this time. Keep an eye out, as they are relatively small, but their telltale orange glow should make them easier to spot. Naturally, high-density loot areas, such as named locations, will have a higher chance of containing lightsabers.

You can find lightsabers scattered across the map, waiting to be found like this.
You can find lightsabers scattered across the map, waiting to be found like this.

Pick it up and you'll notice it takes up a slot in your inventory as any other weapon does. Not only can you swing it and attack with it, but you can also use it to block incoming shots.

A More Elegant Weapon

Lightsabers obviously work differently than some of the other Fortnite weapons that we're used to; first off, they're melee weapons, so you need to get close to your enemies to swing that saber effectively. It might sound scary, but close in on them and press whatever button you would normally use to shoot. Your character will start stylishly swinging their lightsaber and doing heavy damage with it. As well as putting out a good amount of damage, the lightsaber has an extra feature that'll make it even easier to close in on your opponents; you can block incoming shots using your normal aim button (LT/L2 on controller, right mouse click on a mouse). Note that this won't block every shot coming in, just the ones from the front, but it's still an effective strategy to close ranks and get some swings in.

Once you've mastered the lightsaber, make sure to check out a fortnight's worth of Fortnite Star Wars quests available until May 17, make sure you've taken care of this week's Resistance quests before the refresh, or take a look at the new patch notes for v20.30 here.

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