Where To Find Deathloop Delivery Booth Code - All Delivery Locations

Plus, how to use delivery booths to send items across levels.


In Deathloop, you'll notice delivery booths on all four of the game's levels--Updaam, The Complex, Fristad Rock, and Karl's Bay. You won't be able to use or even understand these delivery booths, however, because they'll be locked behind a passcode. Fortunately, you'll only need one passcode to operate any of these delivery boxes across the entire game, and that code will be the same across all loops. Here's where to find the delivery booth code and how to use deliveries.

Deathloop: delivery booth code location

First, let me explain why I don't just tell you the code right off the bat. Deathloop codes are randomized per save file, so while the delivery code you'll find using this guide will remain the same across your entire playthrough, it will be unique to you. My code will not be the same as yours, so you must instead understand how to find it yourself.

An auto-turret truly is a
An auto-turret truly is a "special delivery."

Now that we've got that out of the way, here's how to find the delivery booth code. You'll want to head to Fristad Rock at noon. When you emerge, get past the Eternalists in the area, then go past the colorful booth to the right. Cross the rocky path and watch out for landmines along the way. You can stay away from them or slowly approach and disable them.

Take a left toward the round stone Transmission Post (and watch out for more Eternalists), then safely descend the cliffside. You'll see another five or so Eternalists as well as a turret gun. Get past this group by whatever means you prefer, and sneak into the bunker behind the turret.

As soon as you enter, look to your right and through the windows to see an out-of-order delivery booth and a whiteboard with a code on it. That code is your delivery booth code, and always will be so long as you're using that save file.

Below, you can follow a picture-by-picture guide on how to get to this code.

How to use the Deathloop delivery booth

Now that you have the code, you can use any of the four delivery booths around Blackreef. There's one on each level and they tend to be nearby the tunnels from which you emerge. If you haven't found them all yet, you can find them each here:

  • Updaam - Near the library just below the "Enjoy Amorality" sign
  • Fristad Rock - Just outside the starting area beside the colorful kiosk
  • Karl's Bay - In front of Gardens of Perception
  • The Complex - In the northern end of the map behind a tall construction crane

Delivery booths can transport one of a key few items to different locations around Blackreef. Those items include:

  • Battery
  • Crank-wheel
  • Nullifier
  • Turret
Just pick an item, a destination, and let Blackreef's Jeff Bezos do the rest.
Just pick an item, a destination, and let Blackreef's Jeff Bezos do the rest.

Once you've sent something off for delivery, the booth will be closed down for the rest of your stay on that level, but only in that particular loop. Be sure to choose your one use of any delivery booth wisely. Delivery is free, and your item will be at its destination for the remainder of the current loop, so you can pick it up whenever you need it. It may be wise to set yourself up with an extra turret in Updaam in the evening if you're there to kill all seven Visionaries in one loop.

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