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Where To Buy Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons: Grab A Pair At Amazon, Best Buy, And More

Struggling with Joy-Con drift? Fortunately, you can finally snag a new pair.


Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, product shortages have become common--for gamers, the Nintendo Switch has notably been near-impossible to find for its asking price, and the Switch's fitness game Ring Fit Adventure has also been sold out as people look for indoor workout alternatives. The increased demand around the Nintendo Switch has led Joy-Cons to seemingly sell out as well, which is a huge bummer if you've been dealing with Joy-Con drift or just want to pick up another pair for Super Mario Party and other multiplayer games. Fortunately, we're seeing Switch Joy-Cons back in stock at the moment, but we suggest grabbing them soon in case they sell out again.

Right now, Amazon, GameStop, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart have some Joy-Con options available. Pairs are selling for their standard list price of $80, which is pricey (in typical Nintendo fashion), but better than the inflated prices third-party sellers are listing them for right now. Available colors vary per retailer, and some retailers like Amazon may not ship the Joy-Cons for a little while (with some colors not shipping until September), but you should be able to get one in due time.

Where to find Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons in stock:





Best Buy:

To make the Joy-Con shortage even more frustrating, Nintendo closed all of its North American repair centers in March as COVID-19 numbers increased, meaning those struggling with Joy-Con drift have had no way to get their controllers fixed. Nintendo is now starting to re-open repair centers, and you can submit an online repair request now, which will be prioritized in the order in which it's received. Nintendo will email you to let you know when your Joy-Cons can be shipped for repair.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to track availability for the Nintendo Switch itself, which comes into stock periodically at places like Amazon and Best Buy but usually sells out again within minutes. Ring Fit Adventure has seen some restocks lately as well. If you're interested in picking up a VR headset for Half-Life Alyx and other VR titles, you've probably noticed the Oculus Quest has been sold out frequently as well--bookmark our Oculus Quest availability guide for the latest updates on where to buy the headset.

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