Where To Buy Cursed To Golf For The Best Price On Launch Day

Cursed to Golf may have just launched, but it's already on sale.


Cursed to Golf is the latest roguelike on the market, but instead of arming you with swords and spells, you have a trio of clubs and a deck of cards. If you’re looking to play this quirky and delightful new game on PC, the best deal available right now is at Fanatical , which is offering the game for $18 along with a free 5 percent off voucher for your next purchase.

Since the Fanatical Summer Sale is still running, you’ll also be eligible for a second voucher that’s worth up to $40. This deal is exclusive to the PC version of Cursed to Golf, and Fanatical is offering the game as a Steam key. You’ll also find the game listed directly on Steam for the same price, although it’s lacking the two vouchers mentioned above. If you’re not playing on PC, you’ll have to pay the full $20 price on the Xbox Store, PSN, or Switch eShop.

Cursed to Golf is a charming roguelike that sees you playing as the Cursed Golfer--an unfortunate character that’s been trapped in Golf Purgatory. You’ll need to fight your way out by playing through an ultra-challenging 18-hole course. If you fail to complete a hole at par or better, you go back to the beginning. Luckily, you have Ace Cards up your sleeve that help you conquer the sprawling levels. It’s not an easy game, but our Cursed to Golf review gave it a 9/10 for clever and compelling mechanics, intricately designed levels, and friendly roguelike systems.

“Every aspect of Cursed to Golf comes together to form a truly special and unique game,” wrote critic Steven Petite. “With its simple hook, brilliantly designed levels, huge suite of dynamic abilities, and a finely balanced roguelike structure, Cursed to Golf is a constant delight.”

If you’re looking for another great roguelike, consider checking out Cult of the Lamb, which is also on sale over at Fanatical.

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