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Where To Buy A Nintendo Switch In 2021 (Switch, Switch Lite, And Special Editions)

Looking to buy the Nintendo Switch? We're tracking availability for the Switch, Switch Lite, and special editions like the new Mario Red & Blue Switch.

Due to increased demand stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and releases like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Nintendo Switch saw major shortages throughout most of 2020. Even so, it managed to be the best-selling console in terms of units and dollar sales for the full year. That popularity isn't slowing down in 2021, even with new consoles on the market, and if you're looking to buy a Nintendo Switch this year, you'll have an easier time than people did last year. The Switch market hasn't completely stabilized yet, and we're still seeing longer delivery times at stores like Amazon, but the Nintendo Switch is no longer virtually impossible to find in stock.

Though the Nintendo Switch rarely gets outright discounts, you can sometimes find it in neat bundles, and there are also a few special editions that have been released. Last year, there was a Fortnite-edition Switch that Nintendo brought to the US for the first time as well as an adorable Animal Crossing-themed Switch that was restocked around the holidays. Most recently, Nintendo announced a Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch, and we're waiting for preorders for that to become available.

If you're looking to buy the Nintendo Switch Lite, you've got even more options, as Switch Lite availability has been more consistent throughout 2020 and into 2021. Costing $200, the Switch Lite is a great option for young gamers and those looking for a handheld system, as it cannot be connected to the TV and does not have detachable Joy-Cons. A gorgeous Coral shade was added to the lineup last year, and we've seen it back in stock recently as well.

Other places to buy a Nintendo Switch


Both the red/blue and gray Nintendo Switch models are available to buy at Amazon, though delivery is delayed. All Switch Lite colors are in stock as well, including the newer Coral shade.


The gray Nintendo Switch is available at MSRP at Walmart. The Switch Lite is in stock too.

Best Buy

The Switch Lite is in stock at Best Buy right now, but not the $300 Switch. You can check for in-store availability.


GameStop has the red/blue Nintendo Switch along with the Switch Lite in stock at MSRP.


Select Nintendo Switch Lite colors are in stock at Target right now, but not the $300 Switch. You can check for in-store availability.

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