Where the heck are the Crysis 2 reviews for the PC and PlayStation 3?

We've posted our review of Crysis 2 for the Xbox 360--but not for the other platforms. Look here to find out why.


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As you may have noticed, we have posted our Crysis 2 review--but only for the Xbox 360 version. Now, you may be saying to yourself, "Hey GameSpot! This is a sequel to an awesome PC game. What about the PC version? And for that matter, what about the PlayStation 3?"

As it happens, there was a Crysis 2 review event where we and other members of the press were invited to play the game for review in a controlled setting. As you may know, we don't attend review events, because we feel that we should play games just like you would: using our own televisions and our own systems, and without interacting with game publishers or developers during the experience. While we've asked multiple times for review code for Crysis 2, we have yet to receive any other version but the Xbox 360 version--and we received that on Friday, four days before the game's release.

I finished the game on Saturday and have spent lots of time in multiplayer, so we went ahead and posted the review for the version we were sent. However, as of this writing, we still haven't received the other versions. In fact, we were specifically asked if we needed to play those versions before posting reviews. (Of course, the answer is always an emphatic yes!) I've already purchased and downloaded the PC version from Steam and will purchase the PS3 version today if we don't receive it in the mail. I didn't want anyone to think we were intentionally slighting the other platforms or ignoring them. Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence. We are commonly sent only a single version of a game for review--sometimes just a few days in advance of release and sometimes not at all. I wish we could have had a review of every version up at the same time, but I wanted to reassure you that I'm working on it, and we will post those reviews as soon as we're ready to deliver our final word.

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