Where Is Xur? [Last Chance] Destiny 2 Exotics Location And Item Rolls (January 10-14)

Snag yourself a sword that shoots from Xur's haul this weekend.


There's one more day this week to work on completing bounties in Destiny 2's The Dawning holiday event--which means you still one more chance to use recipes to bake holiday treats and earn the event's special rewards, like an Exotic sparrow. If you want a reward that's a little easier to get, though, there's still time to hit up Xur this week.

Visiting Xur is a great way to get new Exotics that can help you work your way through the Season of Dawn's activity, the Sundial, since you can now get the season's latest Exotics from the Agent of the Nine--provided you can afford them. Here's where to find Xur and what he's carrying this week.

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Xur Location

Xur is located on Titan on The Rig this weekend. His Exotic weapon this week is Black Talon. Hunters can get the Lucky Pants leg armor; Titans get a chance at the Eternal Warrior helmet; and for Warlocks, there's Transversive Steps leg armor.

To find Xur, spawn in at the transmat zone on The Rig and jump on your sparrow. Head north under the scaffolding until you come out on the other side and look for a small, low building on your left, near the edge of the area. You'll find Xur waiting inside.

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Xur Inventory

Black Talon is the headliner of Xur's haul this weekend, and the only Year Two Exotic in his bag. If you like swords, though, you're going to want this one--it fires off a powerful projectile that turns it into a ranged weapon as well as a formidable blade. None of the rest are necessarily must-haves, but with the new Armor 2.0 system, they each have potential to help you make interesting character builds.

If Xur's wares aren't compelling, you can always roll the dice on the expensive Fated Engram he brings with him. This gives you a single Exotic from the limited pool of ones you haven't already earned, for the price of 97 Legendary shards. If there's something you're missing from your collection and you want it sooner rather than later, it can be a good deal--starting with the Season of Dawn, all Exotic Engrams are Fated Engrams, but you'll have to level up your Season Pass or wait for a random drop to get some. Be sure to purchase it on the character who's missing the Exotic, and note that you can only get one per week, so choose wisely which of your characters makes the buy. If you're a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of cross-save, you can now potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram as well, thanks to the fact that it's no longer exclusive to PS4.

Xur Item Lineup (January 10-14)

  • Black Talon (Exotic sword)
  • Lucky Pants (Exotic Hunter leg armor)
  • Eternal Warrior (Exotic Titan helmet)
  • Transversive Steps (Exotic Warlock leg armor)

Black Talon

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The Forsaken expansion included a bunch of cool Exotics, and Black Talon is something of a sleeper hit among them. It's a sword without the limitations of a sword: when you hit the heavy attack button twice, it fires off a cross combo projectile that's formidable in both PvE and PvP. If you're itching to use a sword more but don't like the limitations of close combat, Black Talon is for you.

Lucky Pants (Hunter)

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Xur's offering for Hunters this week is all about making your Hand Cannons more useful. The armor makes your Hand Cannons ready faster and fire more accurately when you swap to them, and landing precision hits with other weapons reloads your stowed Hand Cannon. The trick is to pair this Exotic and a Hand Cannon with another trusty gun like a sidearm and to be constantly switching. Try Durm and Strang, or maybe pair your favorite Hand Cannon with the new Devil's Ruin Exotic.


  • Mobility: 7
  • Resilience: 7
  • Recovery: 10
  • Discipline: 12
  • Intellect: 6
  • Strength: 6
  • Total: 48

Eternal Warrior (Titan)

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If you're a Titan who uses Fists of Havoc, especially in the Crucible, Eternal Warrior can be a very useful Exotic. It grants you an overshield when you activate your Super, which can allow you to close the gap on a group of enemies or save you in an emergency.


  • Mobility: 6
  • Resilience: 12
  • Recovery: 6
  • Discipline: 6
  • Intellect: 12
  • Strength: 6
  • Total: 48

Transversive Steps (Warlock)

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For Warlocks who want to be speedier, consider Transversive Steps. The leg armor increases your sprint speed, which can be handy in just about any mode. You get the added bonus of sprinting reloading your equipped weapon after a short time, which can get you back into the fight more quickly after an emergency, and give you an edge in battles in the Crucible.


  • Mobility: 17
  • Resilience: 2
  • Recovery: 7
  • Discipline: 6
  • Intellect: 10
  • Strength: 6
  • Total: 48

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