Where Is Xur In Destiny 2? Location And Exotics He's Selling Revealed

Exotic weapons and items available for purchase.


For the first time since the release of Destiny 2, Xur the mysterious vendor that appears each week selling exotic weapons, armor, and other items, has arrived. This week, the Agent of the Nine can be found on Nessus, hanging out at the top of the map in the area marked Watcher's Grave.

In a change from the first game, an icon showing where Xur is appears on the map and can be tracked to make getting to him easier. Once you're in the Watcher's Grave, look up and you'll find him standing atop a tree. In exchange for your Legendary Shards, he'll sell you the items in the list below.

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  • Merciless: Fusion Rifle -- 29 Legendary Shards
  • Raiden Flux: Chest Armor (Hunter Class) -- 23 Legendary Shards
  • Doom Fang Pauldron: Gauntlets -- 23 Legendary Shards
  • Wings of Sacred Dawn: Chest Armor (Warlock) -- 23 Legendary Shards

Generally, the response to Xur's offerings hasn't been positive as the items he's selling are available as loot drops fairly early in the game. The standout item is the Merciless fusion rifle, so grab that if you haven't got one already.

In other Destiny 2 news, the game's first raid, Leviathan, is out now. For everything you need to know about, check out GameSpot's in-depth Raid guide. Bungie has also said it is expecting to release the next update for Destiny 2 next week. In the studio's latest weekly blog post, it said this update-- address "some known issues." One of these is the "harmful imagery" that players recently discovered.

Looking further ahead, Bungie will also support Destiny 2 will paid expansion content, the first of which, Curse of Osiris, is reportedly coming out in December. Alongside Xur, the first Trials of the Nine event is also now live.

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