Where Are Wolves In Fortnite: Best Spawn Locations And How To Tame Them

Wolves are back for Chapter 4, Season 1, and you'll want to tame two in the same round to complete a new challenge.


Fortnite wolves are a somewhat common sight, but sometimes it seems like they're invisible whenever you need them most. In a new weeky challenge, you'll need to know where they spawn in Fortnite so you can tame two wolves in a single match. After dozens of matches this season, we've noted a few popular spawn locations for Fortnite wolves that you can check out. In addition to that, we've also included some other tips on finding wolves easily, as well as a quick note about how to tame wolves in Fortnite--don't worry, it's very easy.

How to tame wolves in Fortnite

Before we locate the best wolf spawn locations, here's a quick refresher on how to tame wolves--or boars--in Fortnite. While you used to have to feed them, then pet them while they were distracted with their snack, these days it's much easier to tame animals; simply jump on their backs. That's it.

Approach a wolf, and remember that they're hostile and will likely charge you too, but as soon as you jump on them, they'll be tamed. Once tamed, they'll follow you and even attack enemies until you or they are eliminated.

Where to find wolves in Fortnite

Wildlife spawns somewhat randomly each round, but just like loot chests in your favorite landing spot, you can reliably expect wildlife, such as wolves, boars, chickens, and frogs this season, to spawn more frequently in some specific places. In the case of wolves, we've had the best luck searching the green portions of the map, which largely make up the southern hemisphere of the new Fortnite Chapter 4 map.

For a more specific landing spot, we'd suggest you try the area surrounding Faulty Fields, the middle of the map, or the green patch of land south of Slappy Shores. You can find wolves elsewhere, but these green areas--even the small patch in the far north--seem to spawn wolves most often.

Popular wolf spawn locations in Fortnite
Popular wolf spawn locations in Fortnite

The challenge says you must tame two wolves in a single match, but there's a workaround to make this easier. Play in a team-based mode like Duos, Trios, or Squads, and tame a wolf, then have a teammate tame the same wolf. You'll then be able to tame the wolf once again, completing the challenge with just one wolf.

If you're really stuck and can't find wolves, we recommend choosing the Augment, Balloon Time, which will give you a bird's eye view of the island and help you spot wolves from longer distances.

Good luck chasing down these ferocious beasts!

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