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Where Are The Vehicle Timed Trials? Fortnite Location Guide For Week 10

Find yourself a vehicle and knock out some timed trials.


Season 6 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is almost over, with Season 7 set to begin soon, and its final set of challenges of this current season are now available for Week 10. Among them is one tasking you to complete vehicle timed trials--an objective that isn't terribly difficult but does require knowing where to go. You'll need to do a total of three, but there's no indication of where the timed trials are located or how to go about completing this challenge. Here's where to go and what to do.

At a basic level, the vehicle timed trials are similar to the non-vehicle ones in the past; you go to a location (as outlined in the map and list below), start the trial, and race through markers as you make your way to the finish. The key difference here is that you'll first need to secure a vehicle; you aren't given one when you start the trial. You're able to try completing it on foot, but in our experience that isn't realistically possible.

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Vehicle spawns are generally random in Fortnite, but you may have luck tracking down a golf cart at Lazy Links. Alternatively, a reliable spot we've found is just outside Junk Junction. To the east, just on the line separating C1 and C2, you can find a race track with four ATVs available. Conveniently, two of the timed trials are located fairly close by, so you should at least be able to easily use these ATVs (provided they do spawn in) to complete those.

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However you obtain a vehicle, you'll next want to head to one of the timed trials locations. There are at least five on the map, including those near Lazy Links, Junk Junction, Flush Factory, and Dusty Divot. Once you start the timed trial, a series of flags will appear, and you'll need to make your way through each of them before time expires. The actual racing is relatively straightforward; you shouldn't have any trouble seeing the flags or where you need to go--the tricky bit is securing a vehicle and finding the timed trial itself.

Fortnite Vehicle Timed Trials Locations (Week 10)

  • northwest of Junk Junction, in the middle of B1
  • northwest of Lazy Links, in the bottom left of F2
  • east of Dusty Divot, in the middle of G5
  • east of Retail Row and south-southwest of Lonely Lodge, in the top-middle of I6
  • north-northeast of Flush Factory, in the upper right of D9

Alongside the other Week 10 challenges, such as the one that tasks you with visiting a camel and other objects, this represents the end of Season 6. Season 7 is just around the corner, although there's been no official word regarding what it will consist of or exactly when it will launch.

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