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Where Are Fortnite's Shooting Gallery Locations? How To Get A Score Of 3 Or More (Week 4 Challenge, Season 6)

Here are the locations and what to do.

Although newer ones have since rolled out, Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges for Week 4 of Season 6 are still available. You can read broadly about what to expect in our full challenge list, but there are two in particular that you may need some specific help with. These fall in the premium Battle Pass-only challenges section, and one asks you to get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries. The difficult part is actually finding the galleries' locations if you're not very familiar with the island, so we've put together a map and guide to point you in the right direction. Here's where to go and what to do.

The actual objects you're looking for in the environment are red targets that appear when you stand on pressure-sensitive plates. You'll be able to spot the locations by the more obvious scoreboard and signs that are placed nearby. There are a total of five spots that you'll need to hit, and you need to shoot at least three at each one.

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When it comes to the actual shooting aspect of this, we recommend having a precision weapon like an assault rifle, as the targets can be quite small. You'll be able to find these targets at the areas marked in the map below. Simply head to these locations, stand on the pressure plate, and gun down those targets--that's all it takes. You can use the map for specific locations and watch the video above to see us complete the challenge.

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Fortnite Season 6, Week 4 Shooting Gallery Locations

  • Outside Viking Village
  • Slightly east of Risky Reels
  • West of the race track by Lonely Lodge (look for the hill)
  • West of Fatal Fields
  • East side of Wailing Woods (amongst the trees)

The latest Fortnite update, 6.10, is now available across all platforms and introduces the Quadcrasher, a two-seater vehicle with a boost function that allows it to destroy structures. If you're playing Fortnite on a PS4 Pro connected to a 4K TV, the patch also enables the game to display at 1440p instead of 1080p. The other big addition is the new "Events" tab, and this serves as an in-game hub for tournaments. If you haven't already done them, we've got guides for previous weeks of Fortnite's Season 6 challenges.

Fortnite Week 4 Challenges


  • Use a Port-a-Fort or Port-a-Fortress in different matches (5) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Search an Ammo Box in different Named Locations (7) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside in different matches (3) -- 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass

  • Land at Greasy Grove -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Dance on top of a Clock Tower -- 5 Battle Star
  • Get a score of 3 or more at different Shooting Galleries -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate opponents near any of the CorruptedAreas -- 10 Battle Stars

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