When You Die in No Man's Sky, You May See a Jaden Smith Motivational Quote

Such as, "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real."


When you die in No Man's Sky, a Call of Duty-style motivational quote will pop up on screen. We've now learned that, in addition to quotes from science-fiction writers and philosophers, the ambitious PlayStation 4 and PC game will present players with motivational quotes from...Jaden Smith.

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Hello Games founder Sean Murray revealed the detail in an interview with GameSpot this week at E3 2015. One of the Jaden Smith quotes featured in the game (there will be more than one) is this gem from May 2013: "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real."

Murray explained that Hello Games wanted to talk about the Jaden Smith motivational quotes during the game's showing Monday evening at Sony's E3 briefing, but Sony nixed the idea.

Instead, they went with a Carl Sagan quote, which is probably more appropriate, but a lot less fun.

As for why Jaden Smith quotes are featured in No Man's Sky in the first place, Murray said only featuring quotes from scientists and scholars might have led people to perceive the game as being too pretentious.

For lots more on No Man's Sky, which we recently learned will launch for PS4 and PC on the same day, check out GameSpot's stage show interview with Murray below.

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