When Thresh Talks...

The Quake master puts down what he knows on paper.


When a gamer as famous for his mastery of Quake as Dennis "Thresh" Fong says, "Everything I know about playing Quake II is written down on these sheets of paper," then that bet is a pretty safe one.

It's the Thresh-authored strategy guide he's talking about.

At the behest of id Software, Thresh was able to play-test and engage in Quake II deathmatch competition prior to the game's release, and the notes on multiplayer strategy he compiled are to be included in Sybex's Quake II Official Strategies & Secrets guide, which should be in retail stores shortly after Quake II arrives.

The guide has received id's stamp of approval, Sybex says. The strategy guide includes walk-throughs of the game's 39 single-player levels and information on the game's weapons and monsters, in addition to Thresh's contribution.

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