When Does Redd Visit In Animal Crossing? Datamining May Unlock Visitor Schedule

In New Horizons, NPCs have a special rotation that determines when they'll visit your island, according to @_Ninji on Twitter.


If you've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a few weeks now, you've probably noticed that a special NPC visits your island each day--like Leif and Jolly Redd, who came in the April update. Redd sales fakes alongside the real deal, so even if you can tell them apart, filling up the new art wing of the museum is a long-term undertaking. His sporadic appearances make it a slow process. According to datamining, that's due to how the visitor schedule works.

Twitter user @_Ninji, who has shared accurate, datamined information about much of New Horizons, explained how special visitors work in a brief thread. Provided you've met the prerequisites for each visitor--you can find all of them in our special visitors guide--there are certain NPCs that are guaranteed to visit each week while the rest will show up randomly on the remaining days.

According to Ninji, Saharah, Kicks, and Leif are each guaranteed to come each week on a random weekday, while Gulliver, Label, C.J., Flick, and Redd will randomly fill in the remaining two weekdays. For example, you might get Saharah on Monday, Kicks on Tuesday, and Leif on Wednesday, which leaves only Thursday and Friday for the rotating visitors. That means you can only get two visitors out of that group of five each week. Weekends are taken up by K.K. Slider on Saturdays and Daisy Mae on Sundays, if you've unlocked them.

Ninji noted in a follow-up tweet that the visitors you missed in one week will have increased priority to show up the next week. There are also two nighttime visitors, Celeste and Wisp, which operate independently of the other visitors; Celeste can only appear on nights when the weather is clear and there can be a meteor shower, while Wisp will show up on a random night each week.

According to the official New Horizons guide, Saharah can also show up on weekends, though Ninji said he didn't see anything in the code that would schedule her on a weekend. We're working to verify ourselves if Saharah can indeed show up on Saturday or Sunday--which would be great, since that would leave a third weekday open for one of the rotating visitors.

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