When Does Back 4 Blood Unlock?

See the early access and standard edition release dates.


If you missed Back 4 Blood's open beta back in August, your chance to purchase and experience the full game could already be here. If you preordered one of the game's fancy editions, you can actually play right now. And if you didn't, even if you are planning to play through Xbox Game Pass, you only have to wait about a day.

Release Dates

Early access on October 7 is available for people who purchased the Ultimate or Deluxe version. In fact, that means that if you qualify, you can play the game right now. That applies to all platforms, including both Steam and EGS on PC.

  • Xbox / Windows / PlayStation: 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET
  • Steam / EGS: 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET

The standard edition of Back 4 Blood launches worldwide on October 12.

  • Xbox / Windows / PlayStation: 12 AM local time
  • Steam / EGS: Varies by country. US release will be 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET. See map below for other locations.

Note: If you're accessing Back 4 Blood from the Xbox Game Pass, you will not get early access. Only the standard edition is available through the subscription service, so Game Pass owners can play Back 4 Blood on October 12.

If you're a player transitioning from beta to the full released game, know that progress from any beta gameplay will not carry over. You'll need to start anew.

Back 4 Blood is made by Turtle Rock Studios and is similar to Left 4 Dead. The core gameplay revolves around fighting hordes of zombie-like monsters called Ridden--once-humans who have become infested by a parasite. The game will include both a co-op story campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode.

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