What's Up Next For Spider-Man After Far From Home? Marvel Boss Speaks [Spoilers]

Marvel boss Kevin Feige teases a Peter Parker story that's never been done before in film.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home is a huge success at the box office, while critics and fans alike are generally enjoying it, so a third movie in the new series starring Tom Holland is expected.

Now, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has started to talk about it. Marvel has yet to make any official announcements about a new Spider-Man movie, but it seems clear that Marvel and Sony are already mapping out the character's future in the MCU. Scroll down to see what Feige had to say. We'll also report back with whatever Marvel shares at San Diego Comic-Con, which is ongoing but--unlike last year--does have an MCU presence.


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At the end of Far From Home, J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) broadcasts a video that Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) recorded before he died, revealing to the world that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. The fact that Spider-Man's identity is now known will be a major storyline going forward, Feige told Fandango.

It will be similar to how Tony Stark revealed himself to be Iron Man at the end of the 2008 film. "The rules have changed," Feige said.

This means the next Spider-Man movie will "have to do something completely different."

With Iron Man, the sequels told new stories where the world knew Tony Stark was the superhero. Everything is different for Spider-Man/Peter Parker in this way as well. Not only is his identity revealed, but Jameson is leading a disinformation campaign alleging that Spider-Man killed Mysterio.

"Now people know Peter's identity. People now think he's a villain, Mysterio plays one last trick on him and succeeds... [so that] means everything's different," Feige said. "Where it goes, we'll see. But it's exciting that it once again sets us up for a Peter Parker story that has never been done before on film."

You can read the full interview here at Fandango.

For lots more on Far From Home, check out GameSpot's roundup of all the Marvel Easter eggs and references--there are a lot.

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normally i'm not a fan of "Heroes are made out to be the villain through lies" stories because they are never believable, not after everything they did before that point, all those people he helped, all those people he saved now suddenly turn on him because of a video, in the day and age of photoshop, image manipulation and click bait news and not ONE person thinks it's false?

yeah JJJ could probably sell it to his reader base but come on

plus we all know how it will end, he will be hunted at the start and then something will happen and only he can save them then suddenly he will be a hero again, he will probably have to sacrifice himself to save everyone too and then the video will be proven false, just like EVERY other story it has ever happened in

the film was great but i HATED that bit

Avatar image for davillain-

Bring on the Sinister Six cause they are long overdue to make their appearance in the movie.

Avatar image for godvsacanofbeer

Bring in the Punisher to hunt him down, didn't the Punisher debut in a Spider-Man comic?

Avatar image for FallenOneX

One More Day???? I doubt it yet it is teased.