What's Next for the Xbox 360?

Microsoft holds its annual showcase of upcoming games, but which ones stole the show? Find out!


Almost every year, Microsoft holds an event to highlight games in its upcoming lineup, and this year had some pretty big names (Assassin's Creed III and BioShock Infinite were absent). Of the games on display, the biggest of all was Halo 4, but some other noteworthy names were there in a somewhat different capacity. Both Fable and Star Wars were a part of the festivities, but in the form of Kinect games Fable: The Journey (and its new XBLA counterpart, Fable Heroes) and Kinect Star Wars. There were more Kinect games on hand as well as several Xbox Live Arcade games. For a look at some of the key games as well a wrap-up of the show, you can follow the links below.

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Halo 4

No Caption Provided After announcing Halo 4 last June, Microsoft and 343 Industries have begun talking about Master Chief's next adventure in earnest. On the story side, they're promising a darker narrative that explores the Chief's motivations and personal qualities. In terms of multiplayer, well, there's a lot more news to digest. [Continue]

Fable: The Journey

No Caption Provided Less than a year ago, Lionhead Studios boss Peter Molyneux made headlines when he dared to acknowledge that "Kinect has got some problems." During a recent demo of Fable: The Journey, though, the celebrated designer stated that he "might never make games for a conventional controller again." [Continue]

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor

No Caption Provided The original Steel Battalion was intended to be a simulation of something that didn't actually exist and bets were placed firmly on Capcom attempting to re-create that sensation and some form of the massive dual-stick controller that came with the game. But what Capcom has actually done is integrate a very human element into a very technical experience. [Continue]

Forza Horizon

No Caption Provided The next game in the Forza franchise won't be called Forza Motorsport 5. In fact, it won't even be developed by Turn 10. It's a spin-off arriving this fall by the name of Forza Horizon, and it's the product of UK startup Playground Games. Now, if you're a Forza purist who's already prepared to write this game off, you might want to take a step back and rethink things. We don't know much about it yet, but what we do know has us very, very intrigued. [Continue]

Quantum Conundrum

No Caption Provided Quantum Conundrum is confounding. Played in first-person, the game casts you as a kid dropped off on the doorstep of your uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Of course, something has gone horribly wrong, and you must use your uncle's interdimensional shift device to bend reality and best his puzzles. Developed in partnership with Square Enix and Airtight Games (Dark Void), Quantum Conundrum is being led by creative director Kim Swift, the co-creator of the original Portal. [Continue]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Movie]

No Caption Provided

Deadlight [Movie]

No Caption Provided

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Avatar image for dylan35

I have had countless of people talk trash about Gears,Halo,the list goes on , while hanging out with them....funny thing is that most people after playing a few rounds are hooked and suddenly the biggest fans I guess alot of younger players don't like to be told whats good....now if only more people would move past cod addictions and play some BF3!!!!! Have fun all

Avatar image for Kevlar101

I always give a game a try before I give my opinion on it, I never say "This game looks stupid" or "This game looks like sh*t". I play it (or read up on what it is and what it is about) before I make a decision. Nearly every game I did that assuming thing with turned out great, that is why I started that "play it first" thing. I always thought Assassins Creed would be sh*t. I played it, and loved it. It is now my 2nd favorite game franchise. I always Pre-order every one of them. I thought Gears of War was sh*t too, I liked that too. I thought that Portal was crap, liked it too. I thought Halo was sh*t. Loved it. I thought Red Dead Redemption was crap, it was not, and it is now my favorite game of all time. And the list go's on and on. My point is, once I stopped my assuming crap, and started trying games before giving an opinion, I got curious about Resident Evil. I read up on what it was about, and for the first time, a game a gave a good try, it failed. I'm sorry to any Resident Evil fans out there, but it sucks. Its actually kind of stupid. Sorry :P

Avatar image for Kevlar101

Thumbs up if Call of Duty sucks

Avatar image for bub166

@xhawk27 Have you not seen Nintendo's line-up? I like the XBOX, but on the 3DS alone the have a new Paper Mario, a sequel to Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus Uprising, and several more first-party games on the way. Major third-party games like MGS3 and Resident Evil Revelations just came out. And this is on their handheld system... In fact, even their old handheld system has more big games coming out. And the 3DS has been available in America for over a year now, longer in Japan.

Avatar image for brimmul777

I'm still exited over Halo 4.I think it is better to have few Great games then to have a bunch of games that is crappy.Counter Strike looks amazing,and I'm sure it will be.Not a real fan of the Kinect though.My opinion,not bad,but not the best Microsoft ever had.

Avatar image for GodGundamNT1

bring back Blinx, frikking mech warrior and stop trying to get Playstation games the Xbox does not need playstation or nintendo games.

Avatar image for GodGundamNT1


Avatar image for ThAdEa82


Avatar image for Hig1134

Wow, very sad for 360 owners, abandoned by MS. I mean, sure Halo 4 will be good, but what else is there? MS are freakin brutal!! Stop shoving kinect down everyone's throats.

Avatar image for monco59

Pretty weak MS, pretty damn weak...

Avatar image for constantterror

360 is dead they are working on their next failure of a console durango rrod.I know this because their doing the same thing they did with the original xbox they're not releasing any good games and gonna abandon 360 as soon as they launch their next rrod system.Oh and btw I used to be a fan of M$ until they came out with 360 which just plain sucks compared to the original xbox.

Avatar image for xhawk27

Overall it looks like lots of good games for everybody on the Xbox 360. All you haters and fanboys seem to forget that videogames are meant for everyone not only for the Hardcore. Oh and lets see the list of games coming from Sony or Nintendo. More HD collections and vaporware I can only presume.

Avatar image for MetaMods

I wouldn't see any good showcase except more kinect and multiplatform games. As usual their E3 will kickoff Call of Duty games and end with Halo 4. I want MS tell me say hey you bought a gaming system and it worth not hey you bought a cable box with all movies and shows. I am sure we going hear more partnership with movies and tv shows which I am not interesting it at all, I have my PC to do this.

Avatar image for supertom221

@darkangel494 You have no idea what you are talking about, are you? Not even an once of knowledge about how game development works. SONY doesn't make 1st party games. The studios under it's ownership do. There is absolutely NO connection between Hardware and software development there. Say Naughty Dog makes a new Uncharted. How does that, in any term, hurts the development of PS4?

Avatar image for supertom221

@strothers101 But don't they already have Gran Turismo 5? Mind the awful soundtrack, it's a good game. And what are you talking about? Dualshock 3 is amazing. try playing Tekken with an X360 controller. WORST. PLAY. EVER.

Avatar image for supertom221

@MafiaMusic You mean ugly frat boys who get excited from generic pronz, enjoy generic shooters, think the definition of "gaming" is "Shooting up stuff" and have little to no knowledge of what a good game is,\? See? I can play the same game too, fanboy.

Avatar image for supertom221

OH WOW, quite the future... Not. HALO 4 and Forza are the only ones worth mentioning. The rest is either Kinect or Multiplatform. Not that it matters anymore, Microsoft will soon abaandon 360 like it did the original XBOX and move to next gen.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Was hoping for some kind of Jrpg, but guess not

Avatar image for ShadowsDemon


Avatar image for alfaresalasmar

i got the best gaming hardware in da world a monstoruis pc and a ps3(:

Avatar image for steelmouth

its almost like MS is trying to tell us they really tired and dont wanna be in the game business, the way they just dont bother putting any effort SMDFH

Avatar image for X-RS

Meh. Persistent nlocks -_-

Avatar image for Abolfazl3007


Avatar image for cboy2332

Halo4 only,nothing else.

Avatar image for Smansport6

Nothing on this list makes me excited at all.. Just looking forward to ACIII

Avatar image for DarthLod

Fable Kinect and Star Wars Kinect = Garbage can. Not interested in waving my arms around like a idiot to play games.

Avatar image for punkdsk8erdude

I think for me the most exciting gaming news all week (besides the release of ME3) is the ACIII announcement. It shows great growth in the series, and promises to be as much of a leap forward as ACII was from the first. After being semi burnt out on that series due to annual releases which were basically just expansions (and not always for the better) on ACII, I'm excited for a new time, place, character, animations, graphics, weapons, and story in ACIII.

Avatar image for punkdsk8erdude

Meh, not interested in any of these games. Both fable entries look like they will simply pull the once much loved series even further into the abyss of crap that it has become, Kinect Star Wars, while i admit a recent ad showing a young girl 'force choke' several imperial officers made me think the idea might be cool, looks kind of bad. also...the inclusion of a dance mode just goes to show that kinect can not be taken seriously. and it's rather unfortunate, because i'd like the kinect to do well, i really would. but it cant have a game that doesn't involving dancing...star wars...really?? Always been intrigued by halo, but never enough to buy a game. but with so many FPS out there in the vein of COD and BF, perhaps my interest in sci-fi FPS will return and Halo 4 may give me a reason to finally get into it. Although ME3 fills that void in my life pretty well, even though it isn't technically a sci-fi FPS. Will someone please explain how you can have a 'spin-off' of a series like Forza? It's just sim racing...how is Forza Horizon going to be any different than Forza 4, or would could simply be Forza 5? I want more information on this game before I am interested in it.

Avatar image for BillyColeman

lots of crap i dont want yay Fable: The Journey looks as bad as Fable 3 Halo 4 never was big on halo. only ones im waiting for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City doa5 maybe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Avatar image for Barighm

@dannyatkinson [quote]I think MS is going to shock everyone and come out with the Next Xbox sooner than expected. Maybe this holiday season.[/quote] Not really shocking if you've been paying attention. The marketing teams are in place, the chips ready for manufacturing, the Kinect released, and they'd be retarded to blow their best exclusive now and wait 2 to 3 years for the next one when it could be used as launch title. All they need to do is slap the thing together and put it in a box and they have 8 months to do it (more than enough time). I've said it before and I'll say it again: the nextbox comes out when Halo 4 comes out. If not, hey, I get to play Halo 4 because I'm not buying any more crappy hardware and that's fine by me.

Avatar image for killerclam48

This is a great future the less exclusives the better.

Avatar image for slayerSS-3

This doesn't look very good :(

Avatar image for constantterror

@mafiamusic lol real men don't play with kids = 360.haha

Avatar image for Shinteikun

not a very bright future I see... come on box... do better!!!

Avatar image for pman2525

@MafiaMusic real men have a ps3 and an xbox

Avatar image for Ladiesman17

Microsoft Xbox should embrace more multi-platform just like PC Games does, just look what PC-Centric and former PC-Exclusive does.... Games like Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Deus Ex, Max Payne, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Bioware, Valve, DICE, Epic Games, FPS, Dungeons and Dragons, Digital Download, MODs,....... the list is going on and on.... They always expanding, embrace beyond "Comfort zone", evolving, gain more and more popularity everyday, trends, quality, sales, It's become the worldwide leader, and important releases always comes.. PC gaming is not exactly died, but they in fact become a major part in the gaming industry, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's no point being "exclusive" they will just sitting sh!t in the corner... exclusivity has major negative impact, looks how most Japanese-based games become more and more less everyday... you may wonder why PS2 era is not gonna happens again, just look idiot.... because Sony always made it exclusive, a lot of games did not gain attention, Japanese IP, Japan-based developer, JRPG, Fighting, become less and less popular, their games will eventually died.. and replaced by a more powerful IPs, more popular IPs, more globalized IPs.. :roll: It may looks unimportant, but let's think, even small rock could create great avalanche, great disaster.

Avatar image for TheManofTin

@MafiaMusic I really hope you're joking. I thought this whole idiotic fanboy crap was done with already, but it seems we are still in the year 2008. Grow up. And besides Halo, the 360 doesn't truly have much. I do not own a PS3 or Wii, but I can tell you that Sony really is doing much better than the 360 in bringing exclusives and customer service.

Avatar image for TheManofTin

MS needs to step there game up. None of these, except for Halo 4, look all the exciting. The Quantum Conundrum caught my eye however. It looks like Portal is already inspiring a lot of games. Ever since it came out there have been first person shooter that tried to avoid actually being a shooter (Q.U.B.E., Mirror's Edge, and now Quantum Conundrum) . I have to say, I was not all excited for Halo 4, but now I really am. I looked at the HUD and it looks like they took away armor abilities. If they do, I am going to be VERY mad. Halo: Reach was a huge step forward in the series, but a bunch of idiots would not stop complaining about how it was different which was actually the best part. I do not want a rehashed Halo 2 and 3, I want a new feel like Reach was. The Spartan IV's look interesting. This must mean Dr. Halsey finally returned with Linda, Kelly and Fred back to the UNSC. I hope Arbiter makes a return to. But above all, I really want some space combat like in Halo: Reach, but much longer this time.

Avatar image for MafiaMusic

ps3 = for skinny japo boys who play final fantasy and metal gear solid (Generic japanese MULTIPLATS) 360 = For the real men who wanna shoot sh*t up in HALO Eat one PS3 kiddies

Avatar image for drytal

if you love ps3 so bad then why are you checking out xbox games?

Avatar image for BimboShaggins

well steel battalion looks horrible. The xbox has nothing going for it. I am a big Halo fan and it looks like Halo 4 could be pretty good, but there's still the large risk of it flopping with a new developer. PC reign supreme

Avatar image for McMuffin9000

I see a battle rifle! I see a battle rifle!!!

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

I'm looking forward to Halo 4. Can't wait to see how the story continues. It feels like forever since I finished Halo 3.

Avatar image for Giancarlo

@Reuwsaat We'll look into it. Thanks for the heads-up.

Avatar image for eze_sl89

@strothers101 hemmm "if sony could make a decent sim racing game".. ehhh... gran turismo? ... my god, i dont wanna live in this planet anymore. Kids playing halo and not even considering gran turismo as one of the best racing games ever. the hope in humanity is lost

Avatar image for strothers101

If Sony could make a decent controller and a decent sim racing game I probably would never play my xbox.

Avatar image for Lotus-Edge

Bloody hell, the PS3 fanboys are having a field day... Shoo shoo....

Avatar image for Lotus-Edge

Halo 4 seems alright, if not a bit vague, but Counter Strike's what's really got my attention....

Avatar image for MEDzZ3RO

@psu808 Uncharted and Resistance are new, weren't around last generation. MAG, Modnation Racers, Journey, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Motorstorm, Demon's Souls, Little Big Planet, The Last Of Us..etc... your list is somewhat lacking. I'm not talking about revenue, Sony are losing most of its profits outside of the gaming industry likewise how Microsoft are making most profit elsewhere too. I was referring to the quality of new exclusive IPs, by that I'm referring to this generation.

Avatar image for ResponsibleGame

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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