What's Next For Iron Fist After Season 1

What will the Iron Fist do before the Defenders get together?


The first season of Marvel's Iron Fist introduced us to Danny Rand and the training he received at the mystical city of K'un-Lun. He made his way back to New York City after being presumed dead for 15 years. Besides attempting to adjust to his old life, he had to deal with the deadly menace of Madame Gao and The Hand. Once the dust settles at the end of the first season, we have to ask: What's next for Iron Fist?

Warning: There will be spoilers for Iron Fist Season 1 below.

Claire Is Still Training

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Claire Temple has been the glue tying all the Marvel Netflix shows together. It turned out she was friends with Colleen Wing and was learning self-defense. This is crutial for Claire since she continues to find herself in deadly situations.

We won't necessarily see Claire in a full superhero role. Being able to defend herself against the dangers she constantly finds herself in is a must. She's proven her value in the the different Netflix shows, and this makes it more credible for her to continue to get involved with the Defenders. She might need a new teacher, however, since Colleen might be too busy to continue their sessions.

Danny and Colleen Go to K'un-Lun Together

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Colleen was revealed to be a member of The Hand. We learned there were different factions with their own agendas. Colleen did stand up against them and side with Danny. When Danny told her he was headed back to K'un-Lun to find out what his role as the Iron Fist should be, it appeared that put an end to their relationship. This wasn't the case as Danny told her he was hoping she'd go with him.

Colleen still hasn't met Misty Knight. She was rumored to make an appearance, but that wasn't the case. In the comics, Misty and Colleen are best friends. Colleen and Danny may have moved past the complications in their relationship, but it will still require some work.

Davos Is Conspiring Against Danny With Joy

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Davos was Danny's best friend in K'un-Lun but also felt he deserved to be the Iron Fist. When Danny refused to kill members of The Hand and continued to fight with Colleen, Davos had enough. Joy Meachum felt Danny ruined their lives with his return. Davos told Joy if she wants to return to her old life, Danny has to be "removed." She is open to the idea of Davos killing Danny and listens to his plan.

It's a surprise for Joy to agree Danny needs to be killed. She proved how resourceful she could be running the company when her brother had his own problems. With Davos at her side, the two could become a big problem for Danny.

Madame Gao Is Still Up To No Good

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Despite losing her heroin operation and criminal empire, Madame Gao managed to land on her feet. She may have lost everything, but she will have no problem gathering a new army of Hand agents to cause more problems. When Davos was discussing his plans to remove Danny with Joy, Gao was sitting nearby listening with a smile on her face.

The question remains: What will Gao do with this information? She could try to work or manipulate Davos to get Danny out of the way. She could also use this information as leverage or as a way to call in a favor with the Iron Fist.

K'un-Lun Is Missing

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As Danny and Colleen approached the gates of K'un-Lun, they discovered the dead bodies of some members of the Hand. The surprise was dwarfed by the fact that K'un-Lun was gone. Danny isn't sure what this means. They should have still been able to enter the city, but something caused the gateway between dimensions to close. As the protector of the gates to K'un-Lun, he feels he should have been there.

It's possible The Hand took advantage of the fact that Danny was busy in New York. There could have been another faction that headed to the city, and the dead bodies could be the few that fell when taking the city for themselves. This doesn't explain why there were only four dead Hand soldiers and no monks.

What About The Defenders?

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The next Marvel show on Netflix will be The Defenders. Iron Fist Season 1 did little to set up a meeting of these heroes. One detail we've heard comes from a report that Sigourney Weaver will play a villain named Alexandra. All that's known about her character is she is in a position of immense power.

Depending on the time in between Iron Fist Season 1 and The Defenders, Danny may have to put his search for K'un-Lun and dealing with Davos and Joy on hold. This will also allow him to make some new friends before facing those threats.

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