What's New To Amazon Prime, Hulu, And Shudder This Week? Movies, TV Shows, And Originals

Lots of offerings on your favorite services.

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With so many different streaming services, it can be hard to keep up with what's coming out on a week to week basis, and aside from Netflix, there are plenty of other streaming services people subscribe to. However, don't worry because we have you covered with a look as to what's coming to Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and the horror-themed Shudder.

Starting with Amazon Prime Video, there are only a few new selections this week. First, on Thursday, June 13, the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher comedy No Strings Attached hits the service. A day later, the 2009 crime drama starring Jamie Fox and Gerard Butler Law Abiding Citizen releases. It's a light week for Amazon.

Over on Hulu, there is quite a bit more to choose from. On Monday, June 10, you can watch Christian Bale look unrecognizable as former Vice President Dick Cheney in the 2019 film Vice. If you're looking for a TV season to binge, you have to check out Syfy's 12 Monkeys. All of Season 4 arrives on Saturday, June 15. However, avoid I Still See you on June 11. It has a decent premise, but the movie is abysmal.

Finally, Shudder has a couple of new movies to give you the heebie-jeebies, both releasing on June 10. First is Hagazussa, which is the story of an orphan in a 15th century Alpine village who uses her supernatural abilities to reign terror on the cruel. Additionally, the 2013 movie Here Comes the Devil follows two children who go missing in some Mexican caves for an evening. They return the next day, but something sinister has changed within them.

Below, you'll find the full list for what's coming out on Amazon, Hulu, and Shudder this week.

June 10


  • Celebrity Family Feud: Season 5 Premiere (ABC)
  • The $100,000 Pyramid: Season 4 Premiere (ABC)
  • To Tell the Truth: Season 4 Premiere (ABC)
  • Vice (2019)


  • Hagazussa (2018)
  • Here Comes the Devil (2013)

June 11


  • So You Think You Can Dance: Season 16 Premiere (FOX)
  • I Still See You (2019)

June 13


  • No Strings Attached (2011)


  • Card Sharks: Series Premiere (ABC)
  • First Responders Live: Series Premiere (FOX)
  • Match Game: Season 5 Premiere (ABC)
  • Press Your Luck: Series Premiere (ABC)

June 14


  • Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
  • Absentia S2 – Amazon Original series


  • No Strings Attached (2010)

June 15


  • 12 Monkeys: Complete Season 4 (SyFy)
  • A Walk on the Moon (1999)
  • Highlander IV: Endgame (2000)
  • Marvin’s Room (1996)
  • Next Stop Wonderland (1998)
  • Tadpole (2000)

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