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For the first time since August 2008, we've redesigned our home page and site navigation. Find out all the details about our new look here.


Hi everybody, and welcome to the new look of GameSpot. It has been nearly three years since our last site redesign, and although this particular rollout only includes platform home pages and navigation, it is indicative of the direction we intend to take the rest of the site: cleaner, simpler, and easier to find the content you want.

Here are just some of the new things that we'd like to highlight:

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Dropdown Menus

Our site navigation has been completely revamped. Out are the cluttered subnavigation menus; in are dropdown menus that let us better organize and present similar items. Ever land on our home page and want to go straight to the Xbox 360 reviews list page? Now you can without having to go through the Xbox 360 home page first.

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User Information Panel

If you're a registered user, your private mail inbox and game updates are now contained in a dropdown menu that we call the User Information Panel. Whenever you have an update or an unread message, it is communicated to you via a big, orange notification icon. Also displayed here are up to 20 of the games you are following so you can get easy access to their gamespaces. Please note that we are still experimenting with this section, and we already plan to increase the number of followed games displayed, as well as change how notifications work, so they display only for new private messages.

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Most Popular Games

The list of our 10 most popular games was (fittingly) one of the most popular sections on our old home page, so we've moved the unit from the bottom of the page (where it used to live) to the top, where it's easier to find. Now you can find out what today's hottest games are, discover which upcoming games you should be keeping an eye on, and see the highest-reviewed games for each game platform.

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The Calendar

GameSpot Sync, On the Spot, The HotSpot, Behind the Games, Super Button Mashing, Game Night…we've now got more original video and audio content than ever, and we needed a new way to let you know what's coming. The new calendar unit displays our upcoming show schedule, as well as all of the trade show events from which we'll be bringing you the best gaming coverage. We've got plenty of ideas for other things to add here too, but if you've got your own suggestions, read on to find out how you can let us know.

Latest Headlines

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Our new Latest Headlines section lets you get up-to-the-minute information on the world of gaming news. Sit back and watch as the most recent news stories scroll by, or you can take control yourself and cycle through the stories at your own pace.

Latest & Greatest

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The centerpiece of the new home page, the Latest & Greatest section lets you find content on GameSpot however you like it. Rely on our editorial expertise to show you only the most recent and important site updates with the Our Picks tab, or you can use The Latest tab to see only…the latest! And if you want to see only a specific type of story, from reviews to game screenshots, use the dropdown menu to filter out everything else. Latest & Greatest will remember your preferences too, so if you come back, it'll be exactly the way you left it.

How to Send Us Feedback

There's plenty more to come--not just on the home page, but on the rest of the site as well--and we're always interested in hearing what you think about our new design. If you've got any suggestions, notice any bugs, or just want to let us know what you think, please do so by clicking the orange "feedback" tab on the left-hand side of the site and platform home pages or by visiting our feedback forum directly here.

- The GameSpot Crew

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