What's New in The Darkness II?

The Darkness II is nearly upon us, but what has changed from the original demon-arm-swinging gore fest?


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Wouldn't life be so much easier if we had four arms (carrying groceries, team high-fives)? For Jackie Estacado, that dream came true in The Darkness. Now he's back in The Darkness II, with said demonic limbs still in tow, but not all is as it once was. Behind this shiny new sequel is a different developer, Digital Extremes, whose colourful new Evolution engine is whirring away under the hood.

What does that mean for gameplay and visuals? Check out the gameplay clips below, in which we showcase some of the key differences. Most start with a short visual recap of the original game, for those of you suffering from Darkness-specific amnesia.

Demon Arms

Demon arms are back in The Darkness II, but they've changed. This time the left one is your grabby throwing friend, and the right is all about slashing and smashing.


Gunplay has had a slick new makeover for The Darkness II. You can precision aim, dual-wield different gun types, and generally headshot your way to glory. With a little help from Mr Auto-aim, of course.


Darkness powers were key to causing death and destruction in the original Darkness game, and that hasn't changed in the sequel. What has changed, however, is how you acquire them. Where before you would gain powers as you progressed and completed specific actions, in The Darkness II you earn dark essence through combat, which you can then spend to unlock the power of your choice. Check out the talent tree and the super-useful swarm power in action!

Art Style

The art style in The Darkness II is dramatically different to the first game. Check out some of the beautiful cel-shading below, reminiscent of the comic on which the game is based.

The Darkness II will be released on February 7 in the US and will reach Europe slightly later on February 10 (getting demon arms through customs is a nightmare, no doubt). Will you be picking up The Darkness II next week with your puny human arms? Let us know in the comments below.

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